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Businessmen have Snouts

Dreamed 2010/11/14 by Wayan


I need to deal with money. I inherited some a few months ago, I researched social/ethical investment funds and picked one I like (Ariel), but I just haven't acted.

Oh well, does it matter what I do? What any individual does? I bike, I avoid driving, I insulated the house, I put up solar panels, but a hundred million jerks aren't conserving a bit. They vote Tea Party and call global warming a liberal pinko myth. It's November, and so hot I'm sweaty in just a T shirt and shorts. I guess they're mythical shorts.

In the evening, our band the Krelkins meet to practice a new song-set. We were stuck for months, never quite playing our own compositions right--just too complex for a trio! But our rough new four-person arrangements already sound better to me. Adding a fourth is working.


Businessmen now come with snouts.
Not quite trunks--prehensile foot-

long honkers. Necks too have gone
half-giraffe. And yet despite

their newlyfound schnozola-height,
giralephants drive squinky little cars--

a termite-swarm of Volkswagen
Beetles. You wouldn't think a biz-

giraffe could jam in a Bug, but they
just slide back the sunroof and pop

that snorkel up. O they're autopup-
peteers. 'Raffish angels, driving such

underpowered bodies. What can
they do in snow? Brrroofless! But then

winter will never wild-white again,
thanks to snouted businessmen.

Bless you men, O climate-denying,
in the wind your nostrils flying...

Sketch of a dream by Chris Wayan: businessmen with short trunks and long necks. They drive Volkswagen Beetles and stick their heads out the sunroofs...



I did as the dream urged--got off my butt, invested my inheritance in socially responsible funds... which doubled in two years. I suddenly went from poor to rich.

Dreams can be comically surreal, yet still bear quite practical advice.

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