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Cows, Sheep, Goats...

Dreams of most hoofed ruminants (cud-chewing critters), except deer, and (for some baffling reason) moose. Equines like unicorns and horses also have their own lists.

Many of these dream-beasts aren't simple farm animals, but were-creatures and gengineered people of ruminant descent. In fact, now that I've compiled it, I notice the list is full of cow singers, goat philosophers, ballerina sheep... and, of course, buffalo people you'd better treat with respect.

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ALL HALLOW'S EVE: by (Mrs.) D. M. Barrett; 1904, a psychic dream
I dreamt ghosts visited us, and for each scream, a relative would die.
Two of us cried out. That morning the first letter came...
ALL-NIGHT BUFFALO CONVENIENCE!: by Wayan; 1995/7/24, an entrepreneurial dream.
A late-night conversation with the proud developer of a new concept in South Asian convenience dining...
ALP VARK: by Wayan; 1983/11/24-25, an epic comic psychic dream.
I'm kissed by the Holy Aardvark, but my bond with my dad is strained by ESP he can't accept...
BUFFALO PERSON: by Plenty Coups, summer 1857; a child's time-traveling, tribe-saving dream
I was led into the future, where all the buffalo disappeared, to meet a frail old man by a ranch house...
BUSINESSMEN HAVE SNOUTS: by Wayan; 2010/11/15, a dream-poem on climate-denial?
Businessmen grow snouts or short trunks and their necks stretch.
They drive VW Beetles with the sunroof open. Works in summer, but...
COW PUNS: by Wayan; 1983/5/14, an ethological dreamlet.
The pecking order (goring order?) of cows explains why our leaders stink...
FERRYGOAT: by Wayan; 2009/8/15, a dream warning what I was becoming; Dreamverse #48
That levitating bear's not tightrope-walking--she rides a goat strung like soap-on-a-rope. A goat that's me! I'm eating...
GOAT DARE: by Wayan; 1984/8/22, a sex nightmare.
A girl and I climb a half-built tower to get some privacy. What can we do before my nosy parents find us?
GOAT WITH A HUMAN HEAD: by Steve Carter, 2008/7/12; a dream image.
Walking around my brother's farm, I met this goat with a human head. He'd been playing with matches...
LBJ'S STAMPEDE: by Lyndon Baines Johnson; 1913-14?, a childhood nightmare anticipating a presidency
As a boy I dreamt I was trapped in a wooden chair, paralyzed, as a stampede
rushed toward me, just as my grandmother was paralyzed and chair-bound...
MY THREE HUSBANDS: by Wayan; 1981/2/26 furry polygamy dream drawn as a 15p comic
I'm three women who marry a unicorn, a goat philosopher and a magic cat. But cops raid our commune...
ON HER FOURTH BODY: by Wayan; 1993/11/25, a psychic dream-comedy.
A sexy gene-sculpted singer (an ex-cow on her 4th body) solves the riddle that's stumping Mr Spock...
THE PYRAMID COW: by Wayan; 1999/12/18, a dreamtale.
Protestors occupy the Transamerica Pyramid and install a cow as CEO... a Cash Cow?
SELF-MADE COW: by Wayan; 2013/4/10, a surreal psychic dream.
I'm in Santa Cruz with my friend, a shocking-pink stuffed toy cow
with sewed-on accessories: big red lips, a floral wig, and a third eye. I wake,
draw the dreamcow--and my sister calls from Santa Cruz to sing me a song about...
SHEEPISH: by Wayan; 1985/9/24, a clear but stupid psychic dream.
Floundering through the snows of 1917, I fall in love with actress
Linda Evans, who is a sheep teaching ballet. When I wake...
SIPHONIAN QUARTET: by Wayan; 2010/4/10, four baffling parallel-world dreams
1: Purple squid saboteurs flood our cliffhouse. 2: My oyster-ranching girlfriend has a snobby aunt.
3: I wake in a stranger's bondage fantasy--ugh! 4: Shepherds on the sea-floor watch for gliderwolves...
SURRENDER TO THE WHITE BUFFALO: by Kathleen Sullivan, 1970s?; a nightmare turned shamanic
A gigantic herd of buffalo stampede toward me. I panic, then surrender in peace to what is surely my death...

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