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Cabin in the Sky

Dreamed 2005/7/25 by Wayan

Bart Simpson leads me hand over hand down a cable from a cabin in the sky. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

I climb up a long stair and sneak into someone's vacation home! Why am I trespassing? Feel strange...

The owners are here--a rich couple. A man I don't know; a woman I do. They're going through some weird drama--nothing to do with my invasion. I back out, uncomfortable.

But leaving's not safe--the way has changed and grown. The railing's gone, and the steps are slippery and tilt outwards. One good gust...

And below, an abyss! The house is floating mid-air.

A long slow jittery descent to the stair-foot--still far above ground. Tied to the landing is an anchor cable 100 yards long, arcing down to a hilltop. Halfway down already dangles Bart Simpson, monkeying down hand over hand.

I start down too. Hand over hand. Hard though it is, I feel relief--it's safer than that horrible stair, where I had nothing to grip--no way to recover from a slip. Here, if I fall it'll be my own fault--not a mere gust of wind.

I'm confident now--I'll make it back down OK.


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