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Close Shave!

Dreamed 1971/11/7 by Chris Wayan (I'd just turned 17)

A lawn-mowing
pickup truck
trims my dad's
new Assyrian beard.

Dad hadn't asked--
the guy volunteered,
eagerly over-drove
Dad's grass face.

Lawsuit. Court.
Dad argues not
that shaving's mutilation but
trespass. "I rest my case."

Defense: "Landscape's an art,
so mowing is free speech!"
Dad: "But ain't my face
my castle?" Principles wrestle!

Moral (neither deep
nor grave):
Ask before
close shave.


Dad liked a close shave. No beard to trim!
So this dream's counterfactual whim
Remains a brambled riddle. I got no clue.
Hello, Doctor Sigmund von der Beard. You?

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