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Cloud War

Dreamed 2012/12/22 by Wayan


Nonstop rain. Fierce squalls in the night. Get up, drain the yogurt tub catching drips from my leaky window.

My friends Mark & Rich drop by. Rich talks cheerfully nonstop and soon I feel utterly exhausted. Mark's not bothered--dunno why he has such an effect on me. I'm slow to recover, too.

Patagia drops by. She wrote a quite funny poem, Nouvelle Barbie Bods, on my sculpture group The Cendancers (caution: centaur nudity). A bold rainbow appears as she reads; fades when she ends. Ha!

The clouds close in, the rain drums... Alien cat sees green & purple nodes inside cloud-entities. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


I live in a south-facing valley in the Santa Cruz Mountains. One day I look out the window. A big cloud looms. Cloud? It's greenish! With spherical green nodules in chains, and purplish jellyfish tentacles. That's a life-form up there. A malevolent one. I can feel it. Soon we learn it's worldwide; clouds are hostile now.

They just got tired of us, I guess.

I camp out on the coast in summer with a group. Beautiful, clear sky above and for miles, but clouds on the horizon and inland over the Bay. Now uninhabitable! Food can be grown only by irrigation, under cloudless skies; for clouds recognize our fields and batter them down. If all else fails, hail.

I have a friend who's an alien cat, leopard-sized. She was an exchange student here, but got stranded when the clouds crashed civilization and halted starflight--for years, certainly; maybe for our lifetimes. She sees the cloud-intelligences differently--shows me a video simulating how they look through alien eyes. Smaller grainy streaks in the cloud, not one big entity. Most of it's dumb--just water.

So what about cloudseeding? Very fine dust might force a sentient cloud to rain so much of its body down it'd either faint, lose coordination between its sentient nodes, or die outright. How much bloodloss can you survive?

Speaking of survival--one way or another, humanity will. On irrigated farms in cloudless deserts, or as fishers--they can attack ships, but not fish!--or orchardists or hunter-gatherers under tree-cover where clouds can't see... or learning how to kill clouds, and fighting a long, long war against the sky.

Survive, yes. But the boom years--the years of peace--are gone.


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