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Dreamed 2000/1/20 by Chris Wayan

I'm in a murder mystery. I take absurd, bold actions and gain us some clues, but not the full solution.

That comes at last from my father.

Only he's dead! So how could he tell us, the living? It was my sisters--not my waking ones, but two girls maybe 9 and 13 at most, and usually ignored by everyone as immature--spoiled "daddy's little princess" types.

But they insist that our father's ghost came to them and told them who murdered who--and how.

The detectives ignore the kids, assume they're just making it up to keep clinging to their father's memory, till the older daughter snaps unsentimentally, "Daddy's DEAD, not STUPID."

They reluctantly test the ghost's solution--and it proves true.

MORAL (if any):

Always test your ghost.


When I dreamed this, when I wrote this, my father was alive and well. Three months later he woke up unable to walk, and soon couldn't move or speak, though his mind was apparently clear. He hung on a few months, locked mute in his own body, and died. This dream may not appear predictive; but it was one of many, a whole storm of them, full of my father, paralysis, muteness, and death.

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