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Dreamed 2008/3/24 by Wayan; Dreamverse #39

I try a CD of a local band that someone gave me, but I don't like it. Switch to the radio. Surf a long time, nothing fun. At last I find a pop song I like. Mostly storytelling--folk plus rap? Poetry slam? Anyway... a high school student in Marin County, California, who styles herself Miss Julie Brown, tells us:

Four books stamped DISCARD: Unsexy Cover by Old Woman, Difficult Skill by Maestro Drill, Complex Concepts by Geek Boy, and Fancy Vocabulary by Dead White Whale

The yuplings here at Austen High
Think I never read, but I
Just avoid our school librar-
y cuz there's just candy there

Popstar bios fill the stacks:
No room for new, so our school whacks
a book for every one they buy!
How do they choose what books'll die?

  Stamp them DISCARD for the crime
  of unpopularity. Pulled from cir-
  culation to keep our nation pure
  of thought and other wastes of time.

Got no pop appeal, can't mix?
you get stamped, and all the cliques
just avoid you, call you lame--
people, books, it's all the same.

So I'm a Discard! Read, live, be,
hang with Discards. Teeth will gnash!
But rejection sets you free
from so... much... trash!

  Stamp us DISCARD...

Sketch of a dream figure: A Marin high school student holding her new library card. Her tanktop is stamped DISCARD. Click to enlarge.

I wish I could remember her rap word for word--it was flowing and funny and just plain better than this. But this was the gist.


Stamp us DISCARD for the crime
of unpopularity. Pulled from cir-
culation to keep our nation pure
of thought and other wastes of time...

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