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Disney's Make-Out Date

Dreamed before 2000 by Andrea Rogers, drawn by Jesse Reklaw.

Walt Disney feels up a girl; dream by Andrea Rogers drawn by Jesse Reklaw

SOURCE: Jesse Reklaw's Dreamtoons, 2000,; selections from his online comic Slow Wave, in which Reklaw draws others' dreams.


Note this creepy dream is at least 20 years old, but still decades after Disney's death. It's unlikely to be about him literally, then. But who? Which one of the million other bosses and gropy grandpas using the carrot of praise & promotion, and the stick of badmouthing & blacklisting, to exploit generations of women? In film, sure, but hardly just in film. Anyway... take such nightmares seriously. They're not surreal little fictions; they're warnings.

--Chris Wayan

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