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Dreamed 1986/3/8 by Chris Wayan

I'm running north through the mud along a tree-lined route, Bayshore Freeway without the Freeway. I'm fast, Olympic caliber. Run on and on, it's like flying.

I meet a cheetah, who lopes along beside me, playful and friendly. She's beautiful. We're well-matched. She can beat me in short bursts, but I always catch up...

A feral housecat and her kitten also follow us for a way, but the kitten can't keep up. The mother cat sticks with us for a while, and I start to worry she'll lose her kitten? Then I realize I'm slowing down, and I mustn't do that! The kitten's her responsibility, but I have my task, too!

I clear myself of guilt and run on freely, at my natural, cheetah-speed!

The mother cat turns and goes back.

And I run on, at magical speed, with my beautiful friend.


I had just seen the film The Competition: two rival pianists fall in love. I'm a romantic and tend to idealize those I'm attracted to. But this dream warns, "Don't slow your progress for romance; you need someone who won't hold you back."

Or, put more crudely: "The pussy you need is not just a sex kitten."

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