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Drive Around Seeking my Car

Dreamed 2017/4/1 by Lily

I stayed with a man in a bed & breakfast. We want to linger in bed the next morning, but we're told "We have to clean your room, another couple's reserved it--can you move? Plenty of vacant rooms. Just grab one."

Packing's easy. I stuff my clothes in a dufflebag and wander down the hall, looking in open doors. Lots of empties. One has no view but a great bed...

Oh wait, I have to meet two friends for breakfast. And then I have a class. And I'm still in pajamas, wandering around...

Root through the dufflebag, find a bra, put that on, and decide to otherwise stick with the PJs--the colors are sober enough to pass for day clothes.

Get into my little red rental car and drive around looking for my car. Hurry! I'm going to be late! Where's that car, I thought it was here, it's bright red, I should be able to spot it... But I can't find it anywhere.

Since I'm driving it! Takes forever to catch on. Hunting for my car... in the car I'm hunting for!


What is it in my life that I'm hunting for that I've already got? That I'm USING to hunt (for itself)? So far I can't see what. April Fool on me, I guess.



I know Lily and I can't see it either. She seems mostly happy with her life--she'd like to advance more in her field, but her reputation seems to be growing. Hmm, she's single, hunting for a guy, that could be it--in the dream she's found someone but kind of forgets him--like overlooking the car you're in. Car... bright red... passion? "Drive"... sex drive, ambition?

Anyway, great image. I've been this blind. Blinder.


--Chris Wayan

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