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Dreamku Posted in June 2006

Dreamed various dates up to June 2006 by Roswila [aka: Patricia Kelly]

I am still working out the relationship for me between the haiku form and my dreams. My tendency still is to favor the dream, so I am aware many of these may give those knowledgeable about haiku heartburn. However, there is something to be said for experimentation, for stretching the limits of a form. And even as I do so, I work very hard to honor the haiku form -- a form I continue to learn about, by the way. Given all this, my dream haiku notebook looks like a much-edited inter-state highway roadmap! (What the dream needs to be saying comes through very readily; it's getting it into "proper" haiku form that can take lots of thought.)

I should mention that these haiku were not necessarily written on the date they were posted, nor were their source dreams dreamt on that date. I choose a dream haiku to post on any given day by looking through my handwritten notebook and picking one that appeals to me for one reason or another. The dream haiku in this little notebook are based on dreams I had from yesterday all the way back to many years ago. I do have the month and year of the dream recorded with the haiku so I could sort all these dream haiku in date order of their source dream should I ever want to.

June 1, 2006

Matthew asks questions
I wake
and he dies again

June 2, 2006

the plague survivors
fling windows open for air
starting yet again

June 3, 2006

sheet after clear sheet
offers more clarity
on a roll

June 4, 2006

all she sings
are someone else's songs
her spirit wilts

June 5, 2006

little footprints raise
on my friend's pregnant belly
a new path

June 6, 2006

the snakes' bites
put her in an altered state
strangers ask questions

June 7, 2006

we urge the foal
to separate from Pegasus
a crucial grounding

June 8, 2006

the air at the edge
tugs as it rushes by
fear and elation

June 9, 2006

George Harrison
sells cakes across the veil
soul food

June 10, 2006

two Buddha statues
lie together broken

June 11, 2006

a newborn kitten
nurses at her blouse button
blind faith

June 12, 2006

women bend saplings
to fling themselves over
bridging the gap

June 13, 2006

William Shatner
has had a sex change
she runs the show

June 14, 2006

the rope-like scar
down the middle of her breast
one twist too many

June 15, 2006

she does not want
to be like other women
sour grapes

June 16, 2006

crowded subway train:
fear makes the tiger

June 18, 2006

she asks her father
to point out the bus stop
there's no place like home

June 19, 2006

the villains
closet the full moon
lunatic fringe

June 20, 2006

futile effort
she painstakingly staples
the trashed image

June 21, 2006

she writes
the old URLs in script
living links

June 22, 2006

she finds the hurt boy
beneath a sheltering tree
deep haven

June 23, 3006

strange bedfellows
the disaffected thieves
make love

June 24, 2006

cool morning breeze:
dream clings of being
half man, half woman

June 25, 2006

translucent white globes
ring the solar system's edge
crowded offing

June 26, 2006

double indemnity
dwelling on a simpler time
that never was

June 27, 2006

the old horse
can only see to the side
circuitous path

June 28, 2006

he takes her toy
inchworm from her hand

June 29, 2006

the evil tree
can't tolerate saliva
spit fire

June 30, 2006

her hidden horse is not dead
only starved

P.S. of 1/8/07--I just noted there's no daily dream haiku for the 17th of June. I know I posted one, however, I obviously forgot to enter it in my word processing file from which I make the full month's post. There's no way I can figure out which one it was. Sigh.

'til next time, keep dreaming,



This is just a sample from Roswila's huge, literate, fascinating blog; it's about my favorite personal dreamsite. She's posted many such collections of a month's dreamku; I chose this one almost at random. But not quite; it's rich in dream animals, nurturance and healing, spirituality and comic touches. When compiling the links to similar dreams (below) I found recurring images: cats, horses, trees, young creatures needing shelter, genderbending, space and other worlds, and visits from the dead.

On Roswila's dreamblog, she posted these haiku in one long column listed in reverse chronological sequence, as befits a blog. Here they're in a grid, making it easier to see echoes between nearby nights; and they're in chronological order, as they were composed. I hope this doesn't generate false patterns--they weren't composed in sets of three!--yet clusters do appear, like "strange things happening to women" on June 4-5-6, and again on June 13-14-15; the public transit poems bracketing the gap on the 17th, or the thieves and hiding places of June 19-24th. It does seem as if dreamku don't stand alone; the poet mulls over issues for a week or more, choosing dreams with similar images... consciously or not.

I bet the most revealing sequence would be neither blog- or composition-, but the sequence of the original dreams. But that info is locked in Roswila's raw notebooks--and she's busy writing this month's dreamku... I hope to persuade her to try putting one month in dream-order so we can see how her dreaming's changed over time!

--Chris Wayan

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