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Embarkation, or, This Portal Coil

Dreamed 2013/8/28 by Wayan
for those approaching the door

a spiral of pillows on pillars: a teleportal to the spirit world. Sketch of a dream by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
The way to the otherworld is up
a spiral pillow-path. Each thrones,
pedestaled, alone.

Up these steppingstones we pilgrims hop,
coiling toward the embarkation-
pylon at the heart.

Travelers both come and go along
our single pillared coil. Arrivals overleap
departure-backs. If slip

off the path to earth, you fail the spell.
Back to hub or rim, to jump your gyre
patiently again.

Foxtailed elves pass, inbound. Wink and flirt.
Mule-size anorexic elephants slow the coil.
Hot rabbit singers croon.

Near the vanishpoint, fading into clear,
departures all enlarge--so as I near
the pylon core, I wonder:

On my goal, that dream-shore
oceaned somewhere yonder,
will I too be grander?


What is this spiral? Felt like an astral airport. I suspect it means dreaming itself--not a single night, but a long Jungian spiral: land on a pillow, dream, hop through the day to land on the next lesson... spiraling in to... well, I can see why lots of folks will figure that portal is death. But I'm not so sure. If so, why are flirtatious elves popping out? A thousand Dickinson poems about death, and not one with... And she should know.

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