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Dreamed 2009/8/14 by Wayan; Dreamverse #48
For the ghost of Theodore Roethke and his Ode to a Spittoon


My housemate begs me to help update a contract between his art-model guild and a local college. Takes two hours! Then the college rep who shot down the first draft emails him to say she'll now accept Draft One! Two hours for nothing.

Next, another housemate learns that her experimental quilt has made it into a major art book. "I can't find a photo of it. Do you have a high-end JPEG on your hard drive?" Well... somewhere. I find it at last. I can't email it, so I walk down with a copy. Her picture-folder got hidden way down in nested files, and she didn't know how to pull it back out! Inside, her pictures are in chaos. No wonder she can't find any! So I clean up her hard drive a while...

Then, upstairs: CRASH! In a third housemate's room, a picture fell off the wall. Lucky the glass didn't shatter. Why'd it fall? Strong wire, but the artist used eyelets too small for the weight; one ripped right out of the frame. "Can you fix it?" she asks. I try--restring it with light monofilament, but on bigger eyelets. Hang it, and it holds...

So goes the day. I like helping my friends, but--who'll help me do my art?


Digital sketch of a dream by Chris Wayan: pigeons and squirrels riding on a bear riding on a goat strung on a fishingline suspended over Victorian houses, like a highwire act except the goat has swallowed the line.

I'm in San Francisco still, though
not on Bernal Hill, but some rococo
Victorian block. A man rolls by.
Rolls not walks--he's nearly eye to eye

with second-floor me, for Mister Glide
stands on silent trolleytop. On right
shoulder a pigeon snickers. He glares
back at the bird, yet will not shoo,

his hands as stonyfroze as diorite.
Pinhead iridescence stares
down the man; and mutely dares
"Knock me off!" But the standoff breaks:

Two ravens swoop, black arcs of squawk.
Boss Pigeon's suddenly got business on the moon.
And then, stage left, inching into perilous air
from a gingerbread home: the Levitating Bear.

To City wildlife, our street-traffic seems
like deadly rapids and canyon-streams.
So they cross on vines invisible as dreams,
hung cunningly at narrows overhead.

The bear highwires like a half-ton squirrel. Nope,
she's being towed, draped drowsily on rope--
well, sprawled atop a hairy little mat. No it's a very
squashed goat. The ferryman! And the ferry.

Bear-back, airsick possums hang on.
Hooves can't haul, so Goat tows the crew
across by gum. Not draped or laundry-pinned
to the rope: this goat is strung:

Goat gobbled rope and it slithered through
goat gut (better not snack just now)
and wormed out goat-butt; then somehow
clever unsqueamish raccoon paws

tied that reeking line across
our street-abyss. So the poor goat tries
to digest monofilament clear
in a slow peristaltic crawl through skies.

Need to return? He's got reverse gear.
Goats chew cud. Barfilament, yuck!
A strung-out, gut-knot, bear-sat,
eat-shit death-end job. Goat's fucked!

You have ambitions? Mine for sure
is not to be Ferrygoat tasting manure
as overbearing friends compact
me to a rug. It's time to act.

But please--feel free to help your friends;
you'll feel noble until your life ends
and your art somehow got no time:
that's the ferrygoat paradigm.

Digital sketch of a dream by Chris Wayan: pigeons and squirrels riding on a bear riding on a goat strung on a fishingline suspended over Victorian houses, like a highwire act except the goat has swallowed the line.

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