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Fish into Snake

Dreamed 1994/11/4; acrylic and caran d’ache on paper, 20 x 11", by Jenny Badger Sultan

I am in a neighborhood that reminds me of the outer Sunset near 45th Ave. Two women are sitting at a card table on the sidewalk and more are clustered around, talking about their experiences. I do not remember, but it was something very specific. I go and stand by the table, waiting my turn. All the others leave. I say to the seated women, “It looks like I chased everyone away.”

There is a young man there who reminds me of my student Mark--punk-looking, likeable, Irish intonation, good at drawing. He and I talk while I am waiting my turn. He tells me about the young neighborhood kids who are active in a kind of underground group or club. There used to be lots of chapters of this particular club but now this may be the last remnant. It is kind of secret and gives the kids a place to be politically(?) active.

I see a huge, scaly, mud- and slime-covered fish about 5 ft. long ooze into the slope of the driveway next to the garage. As I look again, it has become a giant snake, still covered in ooze. I rush over to the women at the card table and tell them about these wonders. They get up, ready to come over and see.

Sketch of dream, 'Fish into Snake', by Jenny Badger Sultan. Click to enlarge

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