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Floo Portal

Dreamed 2015/12/4 by Wayan
For J.K. Rowling

I live in stone and glass. A cubical hotel. Well,
Only half. Never seen the far. Who has? The sole
portal between hemitels is through a hearth! A grille

half-hides that unknown side. There is no fire
Yet flagstone shadows flicker-flow. A gold glow
hints how the hidden half lives. Platonic tease!

Daily comes a girl who vaults the grate, ducks below
stark mantel-slab and the black flue, to slip through
unfire as I could never. Mundane, I lack her spell.

Or is that true? I've never doubted my taboo.
But knowing the whole is my soul-desire.
What if I followed her through the hemifire?

A fireplace with a golden light--but not a fire. Sketch of a dream by Wayan.


Undreams, brr! I know it's scary. Here we go...

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