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Flying in the Fall

Dreamed 1995/1/21 by Chris Wayan

Figure in strap-on wings flies through a waterfall high above a turquoise tropical sea.

I'm standing on the edge of a two-thousand-foot cliff in Surinam or Guyana. The land abounds in high, misty, cliff-lined plateaus, like the one creating Angel Falls. These cliffs are so abrupt they inspired Arthur Conan Doyle to write THE LOST WORLD, in which one such plateau was so inaccessible that dinosaurs have survived.

But even in this exceptional land, this plateau's an exception. This one extends right out to the coast. The rainforest ends abruptly, at my feet, in a vast gulf of air. To the north, a hundred miles of blue tropical sea, though it's stained with a curling chocolate flower of silt right below us: just a few yards to my right, a great river pours over the edge, in one gigantic wave, dropping 2000 feet into the sea. Nearly the tallest waterfall on earth, and one of the widest--a Niagara twelve times higher. The forest is dense and roadless, the cliffs sheer, but still, it's amazing that it was discovered only recently. I mean, you can see the spray for miles out to sea.

Two friends take me flying over the falls. No glider frame, just a birdsuit, with arm-wings. It's wonderful. Huge updrafts from winds off the sea pushing up the cliff-face, so we don't have to work, just be very alert and steer.

I dive right through the falls once, halfway up, and it's so frazzled from the sheer height and from fighting the updrafts that it's more like a thunderstorm than a river falling. I'm flying inside a river! Mists and rainbows and rising eddies all around.

That's all tonight. No plot complications. No nightmare, no fall like Icarus. Just beauty and joy and rainbows.


The more I think about the dream, the less I understand what it's telling me to do. Something today made me just soar. I'm clearly meant to do more of it. But... I don't know what!

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