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Four-Legged Monk

Dreamed June 1983 by Centaurquad


In school, I loved a classmate of mine, and he loved me. He was a slender, dark tall Pacific Islander who had beautiful legs. He had long, jet-black hair and wore a handsome, short beard and moustache that highlighted his beautiful lips and white teeth.


I dreamed my boyfriend had gone on a retreat at a distant monastery in an exotic, faraway land. I made a long journey to see him.

He met me at a special meeting-area for guests, outside the cloister. He looked so handsome in his dark monk's robe and hood. The hood only highlighted the slender, aquiline features of his beautiful face. He greeted me with his gentle hug, and as my hands smoothed themselves down his back, I noticed he protruded out further than usual. He sensed my surprise, and gently explained to me "The masters of the monastery found an arcane ritual that let me grow four legs for you, because of the purity of our love. But it must always be our secret alone." Only he and I and the masters knew; the robe hid his four legs from the other monks.

I was so amazed and aroused! I gently hugged him, pulling him to me, which caused the hindward extension of his back to raise up and fold against his upright back, causing his hind legs to dangle there, his hind feet bare, dangling against his front feet.

I was so taken that he would do this for me, grow four beautiful legs and feet for me, that I came on the spot, waking up.

Bearded man in black leotard lying on his side. He has four legs; two stretched out, two curled up. Dream image by Centaurquad. Click to enlarge.
based on a photo, Full Body Sleeping, by leeroi-1 on


I think four human legs and feet are an awesome variation. They're so erotic!

I told him the dream, that he grew four beautiful legs for me. He thought it was hot, and said "If I could, I really would grow four legs for you."



Centaurquad has more tweaked photos of fourlegged men at (OK, OK, he didn't tweak photos of fourlegged men, I'm just a sloppy writer. No more flames from centaur grammarians, OK?)

Lots of people like legs, but Centaurquad says very few share his taste for extras. Some of my centaur dreams, like Perissa, Clan Taur, or Picnic in the Ruins, made him suspect I was one--even across the fe/male and gay/straight divide, he recognized a kindred kinky spirit. Made me wonder--if we share a fetish, what IS fetishism?

Are most folks fetishists who just don't know it, surrounded by a herd that shares their tastes? When I browse online art sites, it does seem like everyone's into a few obsessions, hunting for friends who share them, and ignoring everything else... Is this cliquishness something that flowers whenever opportunities for it open up? In short, is this a Web-born plague? Has the net just exposed human's fetishy side--was it always there?

I dunno. I sure see the sexy-bad-boy and the monster-breasted-girl and the smooth-sugar-daddy as fetishism. Don't attract me at all, yet they're all over the web. But new? They're centuries old!

Some readers see my furry orientation as a narrow fetish. It looks broad to me, from inside--humans are just one of many species I find beautiful, what's narrow about that? But that's my rationalization! Similarly, fat readers tell me my dream characters are too thin, that I've been brainwashed by skinny models. But I'm extremely thin, always have been; when I meet someone like me (and here in America, that's rare; the fattest people in history!) I feel excited and turned on. Fetish? Or just liking my own human subtype, just as fatties see themselves as normal? I have equally strong tastes for shyness, nonconformity, femme types (butch turns me off whether male or female), and brains (no, no, not the brain-eating zombie thing--"Braaaaaaains!" That is a fetish. I just mean the gifted turn me on and geniuses get me hot. Whew, really HOT. Oops. Fetish all right.)

Brainwashed, or hardwired from birth? I dunno. But the clearer I've been about my tastes, and the more I've just embraced them, not trying to analyze, critique or change them... the happier I've been.

--Chris Wayan

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