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Altered Photos and Collage

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Dreams illustrated by photos, altered photos and collage. I was surprised how short this is. Drawings, paintings, sculpture, even pure digital art from scratch--lots of those. But photos of real things or people, altered or not... no. Weird! Photoshop was built to tweak photos, after all. But 98% of the images in the World Dream Bank aren't even photo-based (unless you count photos of sculptures); even fewer look like photos.

It's true that dreams are hard to shoot. I mean, when you wake, the photos you took are lost. Usually.

Even staging a dream with friends and photographing them, or assembling dream images from magazine clippings... it's not easy. Photos are so specific, so here... so emphatically not your dream!

Even the Surrealists, despite their reputation, mostly made collages and paintings that merely suggest a dreamlike state, especially the incoherent sleep stage researchers call hypnogogia. But they rarely portrayed real, specific dreams.

I regret that most of the photos altered or collaged here lack credits, though I've managed to trace and credit a few. I apologize if anyone's image or photographic work appears here without permission. Please remember these images illustrate dreams, so they aren't intended to portray you, even if they resemble you...

I find it surprising that I prefer the most altered, least photographic images. How about you?

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ARCTIC CHANGELING: by Wayan; 1981/6/30, a dream on roots.
I'm a shy woman in a truckstop town who learns why I don't fit in. But will I, among my real kin?...
AT THE BISEXUAL BALL: by Wayan; 1997/6/21, a dreamtale.
How I found out what I really wanted at the bisexual ball. Really, I'm not disappointed...
THE B SIDE OF THE PENIS: by Wayan; 1996/8/26, a sex dream about reprogramming.
I erase my sexual tape, and start over. Am I male, female, gay, straight? Uh-oh! What SPECIES?
BACKACHE DIALOGUES: by Wayan; 1993/12/10, four bizarre diagnostic dreamlets.
I asked my dreams why my back hurt. They told me: pregnancy, marsupial pouches, snapping turtles...
BAKE HER PHOTO: by Wayan; 1993/10/24, a short, psychic dream.
I dream I've carried a photo with me 17 years, but now... I BAKE it. The next day, I meet...
BIOFRACTAL: by Deirdre Barrett, c.2016; an ecological dreamlet
I was in a jungle, seeing birth, growth and death--the entire web of life at once...
CENTAUR BEACH: by Wayan; 1990. Two images from a set of recurring dreams.
Me and my sisters at the beach. Strangers rarely think we're related, and you can see why...
CHIDI AND PONY-MISTRESS: by Wayan, 2019/9/25, a mysterious dream
Ethics professor Chidi from The Good Place, painted purple, tells me he's in love with the Mistress
of the Herd, a mix of Circe, Dr. Moreau & My Little Pony, who radiates spells of love & beauty...
CUPOLA: by Wayan; 1994/7/28, a dream of an alternate life.
I live in a cupola atop a Victorian house in the Haight-Ashbury, but that's not the City out my windows...
CURSING ISABELLA: by Wayan; 1992/8/19, a thoughtful dream of sorcery.
How I cursed Isabella the sofa sorceress, cursed her with a blueberry. And why that stinks...
DRAGON BANNERS: by Wayan; 1987/3/19, a dream on the value of inner emptiness.
A dragon's daughter seeking her inheritance defies a sneaky dragon-realtor out to own the world...
DREAM OF THE DANCE: by Jenny Badger Sultan, 2006/10/16, a dream-painting
After our trip to Turkey, I dreamed I was dancing in
a heavy black robe like those the Turkish women wore...
A DREAMKU PRIMER: by Roswila; 2007; how-to guide to dream haiku
Distilling a dream to one key image can clarify it. But don't be ruled totally by traditional haiku form...
THE ELEVEN CENT ORACLE: by Wayan; 1998/11/12, a dream about collecting... change.
I'm a migratory girl who's lost my tribe. I find eleven coins, cross the world, and pay the Oracle...
FAIRY WIFE: by Wayan; 1985/1/17, an epic dream of love and choice.
A fairy woman and a mortal man? Can't work! They're flighty, we're crude. Doomed, right?
Well, some people are so sure of it they decide to help things along a bit. Or a lot...
FAMILIAR WOOD: by Wayan; 1994/11/10, a dream of the borderzone.
Downtown San Francisco hides a magic wood, full of talking tigers. I must enter it to live a while...
FANFOX: by Wayan; 2001, self-portrait as a fox woman.
This foxgirl had my own uneasy mixture of exhibitionism and wariness. Baring sex, but not my face...
FLIGHT, MARGARET, MOUSE, DOG: by Paul Nash, dreamed 1895-9 + Feb. 1913; art by Dave McKean
As a child, landscape artist Paul Nash dreamed of flying over the countryside
of southern England. But he was threatened by the legendary Black Dog...
FLUID DREAM CONNECTIONS: by Jenny Badger Sultan; 2003/11/8 and 2007/3/14; linked dreams of pods
A pod of whales in the sky and a circle of children dressed like seed-pods both beg me to interpret them...
FLY OVER THE RIVER CANYON: by Linda Magallón; 1984/9/18, a joyful flying dream
A man leads me to a cliff looking down on a canyon. Men dive into the river below, but
often hit the canyon walls. The two of us soar upwards though, across the canyon...
FLYING UNICORNS' GIFTS: by Lily Michaud; 2007/9/5, an advice-dream inside a flying dream
Flying unicorns hang out with me and my friends, sending us
dreams full of useful advice--and more concrete gifts...
FOUR-LEGGED MONK: by Centaurquad; June 1983; a sexy transformation dream
My boyfriend's a student in an exotic monastery. But under his robe, he's gotten a bit exotic himself...
FUTILITY: by Wayan; 1973/11/23, a time-machine dream.
I'm Liza Doolittle on Mars. With Mr. Wells's Time Machine. Lost, in fact. Can I get home? Should I?
GALILEO FALLS: by Wayan; 1979/11/7, a mysterious dream .
I was a closet unicorn. SO closet, I didn't even know what a unicorn was,
till I went to college and met Lindsay, who was half and could pass...
GHOST GATOR: by Wayan; 1984/10/9, a lip-reading dream.
A child from another universe materializes--part way. Too bad we called in that expert from Stanford...
GIRL WITH A PROBLEM: by Wayan; 1997/4/12, a surreal dream.
I date a girl with a mysterious syndrome, but soon I become a monkeyfaced con-man. And SHE becomes...
HALF-ELF: by Wayan; 1996/2/14, a predictive dream fable.
A biracial girl doubts her own heritage; a human friend has to confirm the obvious. So what am I blind to?
A HOBBIT IN L.A.: by Wayan; 1990/1/8, a dream on wishes.
I'm a hobbit woman in Los Angeles, hiding a magic weapon from Sauron. No, not THAT weapon...
A HOT SKATER: by Wayan; 1997/5/8, a suggestive dream.
A skater so hot, she tears her clothes off and starts melting the ice! I'm shy with her: thin ice, you know...
HUMMINGBIRD: by Larry Vigon; 2004/4/4; a predictive dream
A hummingbird was trapped inside my home. So beautiful. I set it free.
The next Saturday, I found this hummingbird on the patio...
THE ICE CREAM KISS: by Wayan; 1993/11/27, an uncomfortable dream.
I'm Joe Leaphorn, in (of all places for a Navaho detective) a coven in San Francisco watching a creamy...
THE ILL-FORMED TALE: by Wayan; 160K, 1981/4/7, a wild dream anti-epic.
To reach the Peak of Happiness on the Isle of Dreams, I must pass four Perils--but they're all backwards...
IN THE VAULT: by Wayan; 1983/4/6, a dream of treasure.
I was a sheltered girl till I entered my family's secret ancestral vault. I didn't expect to meet...
THE ISLAND FURIES: by Wayan; summer 1975, a dream of self-control.
When warring Greek isles kill a peacemaker, her three best friends start a vendetta! But she wanted peace...
LAKOTA TRAINSCAPES: by Wayan; 2018/10/30, art seen in an anti-lucid dream
In a general store on a High Plains rez, I find two surreal collaged postcards. If only
this were a dream they'd qualify for the World Dream Bank, but sadly, it isn't. Right?
LESBOY: by Wayan; 1996/5/20, a dream on one's identity and place.
My Aunt Squid advises me to join a lesbian artists' co-op. But I'm a man! Not for long, though...
MAELEN AND ME: by Wayan; 1972/5/1, a transmigrational dream.
I'm a psychic circus animal who's just managed to teleport my humanoid girlfriend. It's for our act, but...
THE MATING GAME: by Wayan; 1992/3/18, a dream of spillover.
A TV crew invades the house, setting up for a special. I didn't expect to see a president on the work crew...
MUSTARD VAMPIRE : by Wayan; 1984/3/1, a warning dream.
I love a cute vampire. She's willing to go on a diet. Even so, do I have enough blood to spare?
NON OMNIS MORIAR: by Carole Lindberg; Dec. 2012, a comic apocalyptic dream
The world was ending. Volcanoes, floods. Refugees trudged by in the mud, carrying their belongings
on their backs. I think I better get dressed to go. But I can't find anything appropriate to wear...
NORASINGH: by Wayan; 1987/1/15, a Tantric Frankenstein dream.
I fall in love with my sculpture of a mythical Southeast Asian creature. Then a mad yogi breaks in...
ONCE A HERO: by Wayan; 1998/10/22-25, 17 images, a raw dream-series.
Sexy dreams of Chinese archeology, authorized by the fairies, make me face that my family abused me...
OPEN YOUR CAGE: by Wayan; 2000/1/10; penciled collage of dream characters
The cover of a collection of 11.5 dream-tales in glorious detailed Web-unfriendly black and white....
THE PIRATE TWINS: by Wayan; 1996/7/25, a dreamtale on intrigue.
I love the Twins. They love intrigue. So when a hired crocodile sabotages our Egyptian treasure-hunt...
THE PLANTER OF SEEDS: by Victoria Goro-Rapoport, 2011, print based on recurring dreams
I often dream I'm lost in a strange city, wandering the unfamiliar streets
in search of something unknown, and possibly unknowable...
PUFF TIDE: by Wayan; 1993/5/1, a nightmare on indulging rage and tears; 8 illus.
I'm swept off sea-rocks, as my scaly guardian watches calmly--letting me drown in the tears I shed...
RAVENNA: by Wayan; 1994/12/25, a predictive Jungian dream on art & body-image.
In a church-tent, I find glowing pictures of mine I've never seen awake. One's half-done; I work on it.
I wake, and read how Jung, in a Ravenna church, saw luminous images he later learned burned centuries ago!
THE SAN DIEGO CENTAURS: by Wayan; 1985/1/9, a slice-of-life dream.
In San Diego, I fly around disrupting the UFO games in the junkyard,
till I reconnect with a centaur friend
SATANIC LION'S WARNING: by Eldon B.; 2007/1/19, a nightmare with poltergeist activity
I fled a demon into a shadowy construction zone where an even worse telepathic lion-devil
lured me in with soothing flattery. I woke shaking--and then things in my room began to move...
SHY NO MORE: by Wayan; 2008/8/13. A dream poem, Dreamverse #3
I play the lovers in a teen romance: shy abused boy, insecure girl. But I get tired of the script, and...
SOCK PUPPETS OF THE GODS: by Dee and Wayan; 1994/4/14. Parallel shamanic dreams!
I dream I'm suicidal; but I'm saved when I'm shown the flow of human development--the same pattern,
from souls to civilizations! Eddies and knots recur, but the challenges slowly get more spiritual.
NEXT DAY: I learn what my shaman-friend Dee just dreamed. And now I'm unsure whose dream this is...
THE SOLE FISHER OF THE EIGHTH NODE: by Wayan; 1986/9/25, a prescriptive dream.
The pier jutting into the sea of dreams has an 8th chakra at the end, where a lonely woman fishes for, um, sole...
SUBMERGED IN THE WAVE: by Jenny Badger Sultan, 1988/8/3, a comic nightmare
I'm holding a pornographic novel, trying to keep it dry, as huge waves
flood the room. The book and I are both going to get drenched...
by Jenny Badger Sultan; 1997, a collage on a dream-idea
A phrase from a dream, "the remains of men and women," led to this image
of a black sun in the underworld amid strata of time and the psyche...
TIGER TALL: by Wayan; 1992/7/3, a marathon dream.
I'm a tiger from Planet Cat, visiting Earth to run in San Francisco's "Bay to Breakers" race.
I knew racial tensions were high, but why is William S. Burroughs out to kill me? Oh. Because...
TWENTY-SIX LETTERS, or, A Complete Summary of Poesy; by Cory & Wayan, early Aug. 1992; a haiku slam
You get 26 dice with letters on every face. Roll them all. Your haiku must use every letter. Go!
TWISTED!: by Wayan; 2003/6/23, 18 images; a nondream experiment
I twirled pinups into surreal not-quite-abstracts, to see just how twisted sex could get...
THE VIDEOGRAPHER'S APPRENTICE: by Wayan; 1994/7/29, a predictive/warning dream.
Blondie Wiggle builds a Video Igloo. But I'm allergic--TV kills me! A BAD omen for our video project...
WALRUSHMORE: by Wayan; 1982/1/8; a dream pun with political bite
In my sister's house I saw a magazine cover showing that famous
national monument in the Black Hills: Mt Walrushmore...
WASTE: by Wayan; 1990/5/7, a desert singles poem, 11 images.
A road trip through New Mexico mutates into a tour of my relationship disasters...
"WHAT SHARKS?": by Wayan; 1990/4/22, a dream of multiple viewpoints.
A cowgirl is driving us in circles round the dusty parking lot, fleeing the air-sharks... or is she?
THE WHITE WAVE: by Jenny Badger Sultan, 1988/8/3, a comic nightmare
I'm holding a pornographic novel, trying to keep it dry, as huge waves
flood the room. The book and I are both going to get drenched...
WHO ATE MY LETTUCE?: by Wayan; 1983/1/13, a short dreamfable.
An invisible monster is eating my lettuce patch.
It casts a huge blurry shadow, leaves footprints, but...
WHO SHATTERS?: by Wayan; 1995/6/18, a cryptic culinary dream.
Dry noodles shatter when bent. Wait, not noodles--they have auras! Feel like me--parts of me? Oh!
These aren't noodles or strands of my being. I'm not this brittle. They're relatives!
A WRITER'S MUSE: by Wayan, 1996/12/7, a dreamfable on creativity.
A writer's found in his office mating with an ash-covered creature! But could she be his muse?
ZEBRA RUN AND FLOW: by Alan Underwood, 2012/6/12, a scenic dreamlet
Zebra emerge from the lake. They glide as if swimming, and the air has an odd shimmer; did they bring the depths
along? They seem to be having great fun ducking branches and vaulting brambles. Such agility and grace!

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