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Dreamed 2017/1/6 by Wayan
for Lauren Faust

I'm in the land of Equestria, where people evolved from horses, not apes. We have rather flexible hooves--not as clever as hands, but we get by. Life is good. Was good. Until recently.

Maybe that herbivorous herd thing explains what happened to me.

Certain gods of my land are a bit whimsical--now and then, without warning, they partly fuse half a dozen souls or minds together. Individual consciousnesses are retained, but can access the memories of others in the group; and a shared unconscious develops, subtly prompting the members to coordinate their actions. It's called a Friendring.

One day, I wake up to find I've been dumped into a newformed Friendring. Disorienting, and not just because there are other ponies in my head! It's what kind of ponies. I'm a shy, very private intellectual type; and a couple of my new alter egos were beggars and homeless crazies. Though now, backed by the rest of us with relatively secure lives and minds, they're suddenly stable; moving quickly to get themselves off the street.

Their new confidence, stability and long-term goals are great, I'm glad for them, but I feel ambivalent about their effect on me. In a way I do feel stronger--I get their street smarts--but craziness, even diluted and partly healing now, hurts. I'm not glad about my new, instant... family. Imposed by the gods.

A purple pony mad at her new, divinely chosen friends. Words: 'Friendship Is Divine'. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
But left alone, would I have chosen friends wisely? More to the point, would I have chosen anyone? EVER?

On My Little Pony, the goddess Celestia had to push that profoundly solitary scholar Twilight Sparkle pretty hard before she made any friends. So maybe the gods are right to force me too.

So far, though, friendship is divine--but no fun.

NOTES Me as an angry purple pony. Detail of dream sketch by Wayan.

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