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The Geyser

Dreamed 2014/3/22 by Chris Wayan
with a flip o' the bird to Ayn Rand's stupid 'Fountainhead'


This quiet school-dream suddenly veered into weird: my tutor is a billionaire! And the lesson is how to live--though the insight's not his or mine, but my sister's!

I often have self-interpreting dreams--I'll "wake", write my dream, see what it means, write that, then wake AGAIN--to find I dreamed my interpretation! But here, it's all in the main dream--indeed, pretty much is the dream.

Can you be your own oracle? Apparently.

My mentor the Magic Billionaire; thumbnail sketch of a dream by Chris Wayan.


College. Finals looming. I'm
behind on Essays due,
Summing up for Summer. I
Leave our Study Group

in that Airless Room; emerge
into bleachered Gym.
Shafts of sunlit Blond. Now I
start to Breathe again--

High up on the bleacherback
Lounges--sans Care--
the Mentor of my Dreams--
the Magic Billionaire.

He asks "What Nugget did you pan
from dreams this week?" I say:
"My sister Miriel's the One
who hit Epiphany:

"I quit trying to balance give and take. Now I
just slather help around--you, them, me. Why
budget? Such accounting sucks my energy.
You're all my tribe, but corporate shows rig pie-

slice fights--pretend all games are zero-sum.
In real life THAT occurs, oh, once a millennium!
Any prize you pry at the price of giving pain
taints the gain. Now I play for love--and fun."

"Miriel's big relax," I say, "felt true
not just for her--for my life too."

Billionaire's intern coins a fifteen-
syllable technical phrase:
"Benefit-optimization without
allocating shares."

Cumbersome Coinage! I think I'll call
it "Geyser of Good". Erupt! That's all.

My mentor the Magic Billionaire; digital sketch of a dream by Chris Wayan.


Today my friends discussed Bhutan:
Joy's their national goal.
Can we too let go the Coin
Weighing down the Soul?

Not a profitseeking Brat,
nor a selfless Martyr, nor
wincing o'er the Balance like
a watch'd Executor.

Perfect is exhausting; Tired is no fun.
Blunderpath's the Energizing one!
"What" we ask "Would Perfect Do?"
Probably sloppily bumble through.

So softly count your Beans; forgo
the Moral Ledger of Tradition
(Virtue's black, red of Perdition)
and flow. Let go and flow.

Top hat seen in a dream by Chris Wayan. I blush at such a naked Preach,
but Dream peeled off Politer speech.
Still, my Billionaire concurred;
so it must be true, each Word:

Clumsy Moral Toddlers, go
Through this wicked World, and flow.

Top hat seen in a dream by Chris Wayan.

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