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The Gifted Child

Dreamed 2013? by Brenda Ferrimani
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This piece... was the result of a dream incubation question. I asked, "How I can protect myself from those who do not love me?"

In previous dreams it had been revealed that my own mother had betrayed me. Wanting her love still, even though I'm a mature woman, has actually been harmful for me. So this question for my dream seemed very important.

The Gifted Child, acrylic dream painting by Brenda Ferrimani, c. 2013
In the dream I found a little girl in a dark place and together we explored and found a cobalt blue crystal necklace. I fastened the necklace on the little girl and it covered her like a dress, or coat of mail. It took three attempts to finally clasp the back of the necklace around her neck.

There was more to the dream, but the girl's portrait seems to be the most important part for me. In connecting to this "inner child" I've learned about the power of higher love, art, beauty, spirit and speaking my truth.

--Brenda Ferrimani


In the 2014 art gallery of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, this 24" x 18" acrylic painting stood out both for the dream content and the execution. Date of dream is only my guess, though.--Ed.

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