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Hand us the Frenchman!

Dreamed 2004/10/24 by Wayan

My friend Mike is in trouble. Seven years ago, the federal government was chasing a French guy they suspected of unpatriotic activities... like being French. They ordered Mike to turn him over, and threaten him with a felony if he doesn't! Mike did nothing, the guy left the country, it all blew over... he thought.

Now, Dubya's regime has resurrected that old felony charge and demands "Hand us the Frenchman!" Who's been gone seven years. Mike goes to a lot of bail bondsmen, looking for an alternative way to stay out of jail. The first few are no help, but a friend recommends a more creative group, and they come up with a legal loophole even the Attorney General's agents can't deny: if Mike gives the Feds the Frenchman's car, an old VW bus, he's off the hook! Better yet, the Feds have lost the records on his old car, so any old VW van will do. Red VW bus on winding road near Golden Gate Bridge. Dream cartoon by Wayan.

So Mike grits his teeth and buys a VW clunker--treats it like a tax.

But Mike's bullying car-friend orders me to help him strip the bus of any useful parts, before turning it over. He installs cracked, junky car parts--just enough so the old beast can limp to the Federal Building.

I'm disgusted. All day, fetching and working for this jerk, exposing myself to allergens, in order to save a couple hundred bucks of old car parts that they'll still have to sell. It's not worth my time and trouble.

And yet I go along. Why?


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