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Dreamed c.1920? by Havelock Ellis

I imagined I was being rhythmically swung up and down in the air by a young woman, my feet never touching the ground; and then that I was swinging her similarly. At one time she seemed to be swinging me in too jerky and hurried a manner, and I explained to her that it must be done in a slower and more regular manner, though I was not conscious of the precise words I used.

There had been some dyspepsia on the previous day, and on awaking I felt slight discomfort in the region of the heart. The symbolism into which slightly disturbed respiratory or cardiac action is here transformed seems very clear in this dream, because it shows the actual transition from the subjective sensation to the objective imagery of flying. By means of this symbolic imagery we find sleeping consciousness commanding the hurried heart to beat in a more healthy manner.

--Havelock Ellis


I'm generally critical of Ellis's narrow interpretations of dreams (even his own), but this is a good example of one where his picture makes sense--a true metabolic dream, in which he's discussing things with his own body. The maintenance interface!

--Chris Wayan

SOURCE: The Dream World (Havelock Ellis, 1922)

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