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High in the Mountains

Dreamed before 2003 by Hélène Cixous

First of all I see a sign carved in stone at the park entry: you are entering a Hebrew establishment, a foundation. That's what I learn. We go out, here we are on the slopes, which our hosts scale at top speed. I force myself to keep up with them as they rush up hill and down dale, along steep, bushy cliffs, for fear I lose sight of them.

The one who's thrilled is (Pif Pierre) my little brother, who's managed to encounter a wild goose. There he goes down the mountain straddling the big goose with its blue-grey feathers, delighted, and yelling I want a refrigerator and a wild goose, because the goose is a fairy, the goose, he's already got it seeing he's on it, he gallops down the mountain, bellowing his wishes, and you know, there's every chance he'll get them.

SOURCE: Dream I Tell You by Helene Cixous, 2006, translated by Beverly Bie Brahic

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