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A Higher Level

Dreamed 2011/12/13 by Wayan

I head toward home through a dream San Francisco. Ride an airmattress down a creek--but not always down. Through some passes, the stream runs uphill too!

Eventually I convert the airmattress into a big skateboard or small wheeled surfboard, lie on my belly, stick swim fins on my hands, and paddle through the streets, pulling with my flippers, then coasting. Worry I'm overworking my arms, while my legs get no exercise. But so far the slopes are with me; I mostly roll and steer, rarely needing to paddle.

I wear a bright red outfit and an orange football helmet. With my flipper-arms I look grotesque. People stare; a guy yells "What are you, a goddamn lobster?" There was a recent death here, so anything strange raises suspicion. Perhaps rightly. No women on the street, only men; and a lot go armed. Despite the heat I shiver. This isn't San Francisco, it's Karachi! Corrupt, patriarchal, violent.

At last a steep knoll eats my momentum--halfway up I stall. I get off and walk my stick to up to... a border station! Ahead is a higher realm. Feels like I'm leaving Pakistan to enter India--similar land, culture, poverty... but freer. I know it's no national boundary, that's just an analogy. It's really the threshold of a higher reality.

On this new level, no guns, fewer men, women walking freely. People in robes and saris, not uniforms. More an Earthly Paradise than a full-on Heaven, but... sure beats Pakistan. A bit weird--half the locals are slate-blue and have a third eye, but that's just a convention to flag them as deities. I can't complain--I look pretty strange too, with my football helmet and flipper-hands.

Uh... those do come off, don't they?

Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

At first, fresh out of Pakistan, I'm shy with the local gods and demis, just slipping by as I keep scrabbling up the path like a turtle up a beach. But their auras feel much like mine--lively, but not saintly. Just... sane. So things mostly work. Good enough for me to call it Paradise!

Slowly my wariness eases. I can peel off my armor here. I can ask directions, make friends, date. Maybe not full-on gods, but... Paradisians. Maybe I do fit in here.


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