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I Had the Strangest Dream, and You Were There

Dreamed c. 2016 by Wen Spencer
Source: p. 298 of Project Elfhome by Wen Spencer


Wen Spencer is the author of a raucous science fiction series set in a Pittsburgh transported to an alternate Earth full of annoying elves (The series: Tinker, Wolf Who Rules, Elfhome and Wood Sprites; Project Elfhome is a short story collection in the same world, best read last.) Wen's dream is full of her own characters--I'll give you brief descriptions in [square brackets].

--Chris Wayan


I dreamed in cartoon one night. Seriously, instead of normal people, everyone was animated. What's more, it was like the ending credits of a Japanese anime. In Japan, there is a strong tradition of doing group dances, kind of like country-western line dancing. Entire towns will turn out to do their regional group dance. As a reflection of this tradition, most animes have a dance which they show in the ending credits.

In my dream, Tinker [junkyard genius], Oilcan [her gifted cousin], and Roach of Team Tinker [their hovercycle racing team] were dancing away, doing the 1960s dance, the Monkey. (It's one of the simplest sixties dances; the dancer basically pumps their arms up and down in time with the music.) Roach was in the middle, between the two cousins.

Suddenly Tinker transformed into an elf. Roach startled but kept dancing, eyeing her with surprise. Pony, Stormsong, [elven warriors] Jin [a tengu or were-raven] and Providence [dragon spirit] popped into scene, dancing to the right of Tinker.

Roach edged away but kept dancing.

Then Oilcan transformed. Roach startled in the other direction. Thorne Scratch [elven warrior, Oilcan's girlfriend], Merry, Baby Duck [elven orphans] and Impatience [a physics-nut dragon] popped in, taking up left of Oilcan. Roach was starting to look panicked.

Pop! The twins [Tinker's sisters; brilliant nine-year-old shit-disturbers] appeared in front of Roach who looked like he was trying to climb an invisible ladder out of surprise. The twins had Joy [imperious baby dragon] and the Jawbreakers dancing on the ground, and Nikola and Chuck Norris flying in the air in little mini hover-dance platforms [all robot mice controlled by the unborn spirits of cryogenic fetuses who are--oh, I give up...]

Roach jaw-dropped. He slowly backed up until he was waaaaay in the back and then bolted out of sight.

I woke up laughing. I'm not sure what my subconscious was trying to tell me.

--Wen Spencer

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