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Inertial Damper

Dreamed 2017/8/26 by Wayan

I use a Jovian inertial damper to stop our car as it hits a wall. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

Friends and I are down near the Embarcadero, at the low-numbered docks under the Bay Bridge. A woman is driving us around the piers, hunting for... what?

She drives REALLY fast. Reckless. Right up to walls, and... through. Well, through windows, and little holes, and... drains?! Her car shrinks or squeezes through, like a sewer rat. Terrifying ride, really. She looks very housewifey--normal--but she's kinda crazy.

At last she drives at a wall with NO hole, confident the car'll find a drain, or a crack, or a microscopic pore! I do see one square hollow, but it's been bricked up, and the car doesn't even seek it, the nav system knows it's a dead end.

We're about to hit stone at 50 kph, when... I use my own magic. Well, tech.

See, I have this Jovian-built inertial damper in my pocket. I'm reluctant to reveal alien technology, but I have to. Her car's a tech wonder, but it can only squeeze so far.

Fire up the damper, and we stop dead, instantly--without a slam.

Damn. Exposed as a tech smuggler. But it was either broken secrets... or broken bones.


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