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1989/4/5; nondream, early (16-color) digital painting by Wayan

Based on a photo from Kamchatka in an old "Soviet Life" magazine. The mist and light really were this eerie color--and the crags that big, and the figures that small. Near the end I got bored with socialist realism so the heroic Soviet geologists turned into herbivorous equine traders, and cat-people set up a ritual trade station and peered from the rocks.

But the place isn't out of my dreams, it's real real real.

Crags in fog; bipedal horses meet large cats to trade.
What a dreamlike world we live on! When we bother to explore it. If we ever bother.

LISTS AND LINKS: Russia - animal people - horse people - cat people - mist and rain and waterfall spray... - stones - crags and mountains - trade - pure digital art

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