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Lakota Trainscapes

Dreamed 2018/10/30 by Wayan

I'm in the general store of a small inland town. Ranch land. People mostly look Native American; a reservation? Where AM I? Don't know the local language--the few signs in it look like Lakota, maybe. Sure not Navaho or Hopi. And the land's too sagebrushy. I think I'm farther east than I've ever been--out on the High Plains.

On a rack, I find some odd postcards by a local artist. Trains blended with landscapes. Like...

Dry prairie and a marsh with herons. Night is coming on, but the dark is physical, a cutout silhouette--the black Boxcar of Night, rolling along the Horizon Line, with its great dark dream-eye logo. The eye that see the big picture, the dark picture--what the day eye misses.

The Boxcar of Night, a collaged postcard seen in a dream by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
The next card shows the Fossil Train, winding through a scrub plain with a few mesas. Except it's not rolling. Can't. It's stone!

A snaky micromesa shaped like a steam train, with little talus slopes to the stony railless trackbed. If you're on THAT train, you need to crawl out a window. Going nowhere fast!

The Fossil Train, a collaged postcard seen in a dream by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
I think "Wow. If only these were dreams, they'd be good candidates for the World Dream Bank. Not just vivid images, but vivid meanings."

But the cardbacks don't say whether the artist dreamed 'em. Too bad! They don't qualify.

And then I wake.

Wrong again!


Silly me. They are dreams. They do qualify.

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