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Landscape from a Dream

Dreamed 1895-9?, painted (summer?) 1937 by Paul Nash

Paul Nash had recurring dreams of flight as a child. He loved landscape painting, but his tour of duty in World War I devastated him--took years to recover from the trauma. He did savage but eerily beautiful paintings exposing the horror of the trenches and blaming world leaders for blindly drifting into war. Gradually Nash resumed landscape painting, but now austere, abstract, geometric--almost Kay Sage at times--and full of private symbols, as here. The cove is a wild place he loved; the frames may not be mere windows but stand for his paintings, his lifework; the hawk, his personal icon, embodies those childhood dreams of flight. The falcon, in the mirror of painting, faces and finally sees itself.

Landscape from a Dream, Paul Nash, 1937. Click to enlarge.

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