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Lie to Avoid Murder

Dreamed 2016/3/3 by Wayan


Grit my teeth and do my taxes. Gonna hurt this year. Turns out I owe THOUSANDS more than I thought. Ask my dreams "Should I pay for Obamacare or go without this year?" It cost about quadruple what they said, and the care was awful, maybe worse than none--got misdiagnosed...


I'm 25, 30? I'm chasing two women: one's a younger girl, very thin, brown skin, gifted, intensely attractive. Strong mutual interest, but we haven't gotten into bed yet. The other is a plump white woman slightly older than me, less gifted but more casual about sex. Since I'm nervous and high-strung, that helps.

Then... she asks me to MURDER her rival!

Next time I see her, she asks again, and I glibly say "Yep, I already did!" when I'm really unsure... I doubt I really did, and definitely know I shouldn't...

But she's delighted that I came through. "You didn't just promise to bump her off like the others! Most guys are all talk..." She rewards me with a wild sex romp!

I feel good with her, and if she'd asked me to make the relationship exclusive I'd have at least considered it... but asking me to KILL rivals? Isn't that just a tad extreme? I seem to think this justifies my own lying for sex. If I AM lying. Maybe I really DID kill her and just don't want to admit it to myself. Hazy memories.

Afterward, in bed, I become aware it's a dream, and think "A highly symbolic dream too. The sex rewards some action I took today, I just know it. But what? Biting the bullet and doing my taxes?"

Even when I realize this much, I ignore the sleaze! Lying for sex, sheesh.



Creepy image, yes? In bed with a homicidal sex-changed version of Donald Trump? Ewwww! And yet the sex was good, and seemed like a reward.

I think this dream used operatic drama--sex, jealousy, lies--to give advice on more abstract matters--politics and healthcare! Freud rants on about nonsexual dream images disguising sex--trains entering tunnels, etc. But dreams can do the opposite, too--use sex imagery to clarify nonsexual, harder-to-visualize issues. Don't jump to Freudian conclusions.

Oh--by the way... I learned a week later that around the time of this dream my health insurer unilaterally dropped my coverage without telling me. I didn't need to drop Obamacare. It had just dropped me.

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