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by Chris Wayan, 2006

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Balamorg Mts, Balamorg R, 39-43 N, 97 E
The tallest mountains in eastern Troisleons, the Balamorgs rise to 3000 m (10,000'). The coastal rivers are short; most streams flow inland, collecting into the great Balamorg River, which sprawls and loops across a plain 1000 km wide (over 600 mi) just east of the even larger Carahue Plain. (Source: Three Hearts and Three Lions)
Balant Is., 17-20 N, 127-129 E
A group in the Hisagazi Archipelago. The lonely Balants are in Lyr's dry zone, and lack high peaks to harvest rain. Many islets are mere bare rocks a mile or two wide. On larger isles (Balant proper is only 100 km long) a few trees line streambeds, but the uplands are dry grass and scrub. (Source: The Longest Voyage)
Balder, 52 N, 31 E
Northernmost of the Aesir Islands, part of the Shielding Archipelago northeast of Corona in the Ythri Region. Balder is 450 km across (280 mi), low and grassy, with trees only along the shallow rivers. Deep in a high pressure zone, it's the coolest and driest of the Aesirs. (Source: The Broken Sword)
Baligh River, 53-54 S, 17-20 E
River 450 km long (280 mi) in northern Altai, in the Flandry Cluster. The lowlands are as warm and fertile as Altai ever gets--dark "pine" and "cedar" forests. The upper valley is downwind of Mt Tumurji, which thins the rain, and the trees--still conifers, but open woods dwarfed by summer drought and winter cold. (Source: A Message in Secret)
BARBRO, 54-61 N, 190-205 E
A terra 2000 km long and 800 wide, in the Roland Group. The northern hills by Barbro Sound are low and heavily forested; the central Cullen Range, up to 3 km high, casts a rain shadow on the steep west coast; desert canyons drop to the sea. Cape Irons in the south is low, rugged, and green. The land's all above the Arctic Circle (54 degrees), but Lyr has warmer, wetter poles than Earth, so despite a couple of months of sunless winter, Barbro has living forests and steppes (not even tundra--no permafrost to speak of). The only Terran equivalent is Antarctica--50 million years ago! (Source: The Queen of Air and Darkness)
Barbro Sound, 61 N, 190-205 E
A strait 1200 km long and 1-400 wide between Polaris and Barbro to the south, in the Roland Group. The sound has fast, cold currents; the shores are wooded even this far north. (Source: The Queen of Air and Darkness)
Cape Barrow, 47 N, 238 E
The western tip of Carheddin, in the Roland Group. Cape Barrow is a roughly rectangular tongue of hills about 160 km (100 mi) across and 500 km (320 mi) long. Broadleaf forests cover the cape except for cliffs and headlands. The climate's mild for Roland--snowfree in winter, rainy year-round.(Source: The Queen of Air and Darkness)
Cape Bedh, 29 S, 15 E
The western tip of Merseia; the head of that long goosenecked continent in the Flandry Cluster. The driest part of Merseia, Cape Bedh is mostly open subtropical woods. Offshore is Ynvory; to the east, Mt Lifrith. The dh in Bedh sounds like this. (Source: Ensign Flandry & seq.)
Mt Beljad, 7 S, 145 E
Highest peak on Wersgorix (east end of the Polesotechnic Strip). Beljad's a volcano 3700 m high (12,200'), with a caldera wider than Haleakala. Like that Hawaiian peak, the western slopes are rainshadowed--savanna in an other wise rainforested region. (Source: The High Crusade)
Mt Beljagor, 2 S, 56 E
Highest peak on Jutta, in the Kraoka Islands (Polesotechnic Strip). Mt Beljagor's caldera rim reaches 3400 meters (11,200'). Lyr's orbital eccentricity makes even the equator undergo a mild winter; snow dapples Beljagor, though it melts in summer. This cycle mitigates the alpine deserts found on Terran tropical volcanoes; temperate-looking alpine meadows cover Beljagor's shoulders like a flowered quilt. Lower down is cloud forest, and dense, warm jungle covers its feet. (Source: A Sun Invisible)
Bengta, 75 S, 240 E
One of the antarctic Averorn Islands, Bengta is 500 km long (300 mi), bigger than Newfoundland--but it looks more like the bizarre, mossy, cold rainforests ("sleetforests"?) of Patagonian Chile or the Queen Charlotte Islands off BC. Glaciers cap the low mountains, but the blizzards give way to endless cold rain and sleet storms in the lowlands, creating bogs, tundra... and, incredibly, woods in sheltered valleys (at 76 degrees south!)--low, slow-growing, twisted, moss-bearded, dense, a lurid green, looking profoundly alien. They survive because the Averorn Islands are in a polar wet zone, a belt nonexistent on Earth (see CLIMATE BELTS). (Source: The Merman's Children)
BESAR, 34-45 S, 348-353 E
A land half the size of Australia in the Flandry Cluster. Three volcanic highlands, Utara, Ketjil and Luang (all looking more like coronas on Venus than Terran mountain ranges) separate two wide riverbasins, Modjo and Ukong, covered in warm-temperate rainforests. The southwestern Bo Coast is much drier and opener.(Source: The Plague of Masters)
Blawsa Hills, 28-34 N, 0-8 E
Coastal hills in southwest Corona (Ythri Group). The Blawsas are long low parallel ridges like the Appalachians, stretching 4000 km (2500 mi); to the north, the hills double in height, becoming the Gray Range. (Source: Earth Book of Stormgate)
Bo Coast, 41-43 S, 348 E
The southwest coast of Besar, Flandry Cluster. It's open forest with meadows, much drier than the rest of Besar; the Luang Mtns to the east create a rainshadow. To the north is the rainforested Ukong Basin.(Source: bos are the dominant species along the coast)
Boda Bay, 1 N, 141 E
A bay on the west coast of Stulurax, north of Wersgorix (eastern Polesotechnic Strip). Boda Bay is a shallow, island-dotted sound 320 km long and 270 wide (200 by 170 mi). The shores are rainforest down to the waterline--islands look like plush green mushrooms. (Source: The High Crusade)
Bokzahan , 20 S, 128 E
A shield volcano off Cape Bokzahan on Ulash, in the Polesotechnic Strip, Bokzahan is an oval island 260 km (160 mi) wide, with a central caldera 40 km wide (25 mi). High point on the rim: 2700 m (8900'). The coast is open tropical forest--not rainforest, for Ulash upwind blocks some storms. The uplands and west face of Mt Bokzahan are drier still, a prairie like the uplands of Hawaii's Big Island. (Source: The Master Key)
Bokzahan Peninsula, 21 S, 130 E
Western tip of Ulash, in the Polesotechnic Strip. Bokzahan Peninsula is a blunt squarish chunk of Mediterranean land the size of Italy, with Bokzahan Island offshore as its Sicily. (Source: The Master Key)
Mt Bolverk, 63 N, 70 E
Mt Bolverk, an ice-capped shield volcano over 3 km (2 mi) high, dominates north Trollheim, in Scania north of Troisleons. Its glaciers descend in spots to 1000 m (3300'), forming, en masse, the largest icefield in the north, 400 km (250 mi) across--quite Icelandic. (Source: The Broken Sword)
Boran Is., 18 S, 197-215 E
The Boran Islands sprawl over 4000 km of sea south of T'kela (southeast Diomedes region). The largest are Boran, Mangivolo, Herod and the twin Kusalu Islands, beyond which tiny islets lead a second 4000 km east along an island arc and trench, to the Nadi Islands of Gaiila Region--about the only flyway linking Diomedes to the rest of the planet. (Source: The House of Sorrows)
BORTHU, 64-74 S, 96-144 E
A cold, damp, windswept archipelago in the far south seas, 6000 km from the nearest land. The five major islands are Borthu, Rentharik, Kossaluth, Gantok, and Redsun. All are narrow, cut by deep valleys and fjords. Borthu, the largest, is 300 km (190 mi) long and half as wide. Low forest grows in south-facing valleys, but exposed slopes are grassy--or barren. It snows here most winters--rare on Lyr at sea level. Sensible life-forms migrate, though the Borthus are so isolated, it's a hard flight out. (Source: Margin of Profit)
Mt Bourtai, 55 S, 16 E
A volcano 4500 m high (14,800'), in central Altai (southern Flandry Cluster). Bourtai is the source of most of the large rivers on Altai--the Talyma and Zeya as well as the Bourtai. (Source: A Message in Secret)
Lake Boye, 13 S, 285 E
Largest lake in Gaiila, Boye lies under the crags of Mt Kromand at the south end of the Valeria Range. Lake Boye is an oval 175 km (110 mi) long. (Source: A Midsummer Tempest)
The northern end of Wersgorix (eastern Polesotechnic Strip). Branithar is an equatorial island 900 km long and 600 wide (550 by 380 mi), linked to the Wersgorixan mainland only by the Isthmus of Uloz, 600 km long and as narrow as 15 km (10 mi). Branithar is an island ecologically, too; rainforest down to the beach. Wersgorix, to the south, is drier. (Source: The High Crusade)
Cape Bren, 58 S, 231 E
Western tip of Valland, in the Ak'hai'i Cluster (south of Diomedes). A wedge of cool windy grassland with trees only along sheltered rivercourses, low and rolling... and the size of Nebraska. (Source: World Without Stars)
BRENDAN ISLANDS, 33-45 N, 330-4 E
A temperate archipelago 8000 km (5000 mi) across, west of Corona in the Ythri Cluster. Ferune and Wharr, the largest lands, are each the size of Britain, though the rest are modest. (Source: People of the Wind)
Mt Brok, 3 N, 205 E
A peak in the eastern Oborch Range on the north shore of Lannach (in Diomedes), 3300 m (10,900'), it forms an ecological island above the rainforest below. (Source: The Man Who Counts)
Mt Burus, 11 N, 30 E
Highest peak on Lokon, in the Fiery Islands. A volcano with a large, lake-filled caldera, Mt Burus reaches 4100 m (13,500'); it's the source of the Zelo River, and the heart of the Evalyth Highlands. (Source: The Sharing of Flesh)
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