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by Chris Wayan, 2006

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IKRANANKA, 13-25 S, 101-113 E
A tropical land in the Polesotechnic Strip, Ikrananka is a T shape, 3600 km (2250 mi) long. Rugged and ridgy, it's all capes and no central body, like Sulawesi in Indonesia. The north shore and the Yanjeh Valley are tropical forest. The central Ursala Highlands and Sundhadarta Range are open pine woods and meadows. The southwest coast is the Zatlach Desert; in the south, the Rangakora Peninsula is mostly savanna. (Source: The Trouble Twisters)
Ikt'hanis Ocean, 15 N-20 S, 200-245 E
An equatorial ocean between the Diomedes and Gaiila continental clusters. The Ikt'hanis (meaning roughly "Ocean-est" with a female ending--"Mother Ocean" perhaps, as we say "Mother Earth") is large, deep and islandless: 135 million sq km (53 million sq mi, nearly the size of the Pacific and much greater in volume). The Ikt'hanis isolates the Diomedes cluster--a single grueling flyway 8000 km (5000 mi) long does cross its south end, from T'kela to the Boran Islands, along the Kusalu Trench east to Carnoi in Gaiila. (Source: The Man Who Counts)
Mt Ilmaray, 16 N, 245 E
A peak at the north end of the Kith Range on Tyrlan (northwestern Gaiila Cluster). Mt Ilmaray is 3700 m high (12,100'). (Source: The Horn of Time the Hunter)
ILREDE, 51-58 N, 70-76 E
Southern and more fertile half of Scania, in the (Troisleons Group; the northern half, over Leea Sound, is Trollheim. Ilrede is 2100 km long (1300 mi) and half as wide; cool, but rarely freezing at sea level. The east coast is a dark rainy evergreen forest broken by fjords; the jagged Imric Range has small glaciers and extensive alpine meadows; the mountains cast a rainshadow on the west coast, which is prairie cut by badlands and desert canyons. (Source: The Broken Sword)
Imric Range, 52-57 N, 74 E
The mountainous spine of Ilrede, the southern and more fertile half of Scania (north of Troisleons). The Imrics run north-south 1600 km (1000 mi), with glaciated peaks up to 3600 meters high (12,000'). The mountains cast a rainshadow on the west coast, which is prairie cut by badlands and desert canyons (Source: The Broken Sword)
Insalith, 4 N, 150 E
An islet 1500 km off the Wersgorix Group in the eastern Polesotechnic Strip. Insalith is only 70 km (45 mi) wide, though wide coral reefs ring it. A lush island, but very nearly the most isolated land on Lyr; it's on no flyways at all.
(Source: Quest)
Iron, 39 S, 305 E
An island 280 km across (180 mi), in the Jairnovaunt chain of the Nyanza Archipelago (Flandry Cluster). The warm wet climate sustains lush temperate rainforests. (Source: The Game of Glory)
Cape Irons, 54 N, 192 E
A set of clawlike ridges and fjords reaching 500 km into Venture Bay from southern Barbro in the Roland Group. Rugged but fertile and densely wooded, unlike the dry coasts to the north. (Source: The Queen of Air and Darkness)
Iron Shoals, 41 S, 305-308 E
Part of the Nyanza Islands in the western Flandry Cluster. None of them are over 20 km wide (13 mi) or 50 m high (160 feet), though some are 100-200 km long (60-125 mi). They look on a map like coral atolls, and their reefs are (as the name suggests) extensive, sprawling over 1000 km; but they're kelp forest, not tropical corals. The Irons have a twin archipelago 600 km to the north: the Sorrow Reefs. They're wooded down to the tideline. (Source: The Game of Glory)
IVRICH Peninsula, 28-34 S, 15-24 E
A gooseneck 400 km wide and nearly 2000 long (250 by 1200 mi), on Merseia, in the Flandry Cluster. Ivrich is about half high- and lowland; all of it is rainforest. (Source: Ensign Flandry & seq.)
Iyanduma Islands, 35 S, 310 E
A flock of atolls 2500 km across; the northeastern Nyanza Islands (Flandry Cluster). Its islets are up to 150 km long, but never over a few miles wide--or a few dozen meters high. Still, they're rainy and green; all but the smallest are thickly wooded. (Source: The Game of Glory)
Cape Izizi, 45 S, 215 E
a squarish cape 260 km (160 mi) long and wide, on the west coast of Ak'hai'i (south of the Diomedes region), just to the north of Thunder Bay. Low ridges and valleys, with the east slope wooded, the west "oak" savanna. (Source: Strangers)
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