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by Chris Wayan, 2006

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Jadhadi Bay, 15-18 S, 110-113 E
A wide bight off eastern Ikrananka, Jadhadi Bay is about 1000 km (625 mi) wide, between Cape Stepha to the north and Cape Rangakora to the west and south. (Source: The Trouble Twisters)
Jair, 14 S, 149 E
An island at the east end of the Polesotechnic Strip, south of Wersgorix, east of Tharixan. Jair is a wedge of hills and low peaks (eroded volcanoes) 350 km long (220 mi). Jair's fairly lush, despite being in the drybelt around 18 degrees south; most of it resembles Carolina or Georgia in climate, but the west coast is much drier. (Source: The High Crusade)
Jairnovaunt Islands, 34-42 S, 305 E
A north-south chain in the western Nyanza Islands (Flandry Cluster). The largest are A'u (320 km/200 mi), Iron, Rossala and Horn. The climate's mild and rainy; they're covered in tall temperate forests, like pre-Colombian America's east coast. (Source: The Game of Glory)
Janjevar Range, 25-34 S, 0-10 E
The mountainous spine of Starkad, in the Flandry group. The Janjevars run 4000 km (2500 mi) down the west coast. Highest peak (and one of the highest on Lyr): Mt Narpa, 4700 m (15,400'). (Source: Ensign Flandry)
JORMUN, 53-57 N, 39 E
Second largest of the Shielding Islands in the Ythri Region northeast of Corona. Jormun is as big as Montana, with Montanan sweeps of cool, dry grassy hills and plains, though its mountains are lower (2400 m/8000'), in the east not the west. Most importantly Jormun winters aren't nearly as cold. The west coast, in the rainshadow of the mountains, is desert, with red rock canyons winding from the highlands. Life huddles along the skinny rivers. On Earth, temperate-zone deserts don't exist, but on Lyr, a temperate dry belt at 54 degrees north (and south) creates coastal prairies and even cool deserts--and Jormun's at its heart. (Source: The Broken Sword)
Jotun Mts, 35-41 N, 82-92 E
A range 2700 km (1800 mi) long, crossing the heart of Troisleons, with peaks over 3 km (2 m) high. Overshadowed by the taller, coastal Tarnberg Range to the south, they're still impressive seen from the Carahue Plains or Lake Rusel. The Balamorg Range to the east and the Imric Range on Ilrede, far to the northwest, are parts of the same rise. (Source: Three Hearts and Three Lions)
Jutta, 1-2 S, 55-58 E
Second largest of the Kraoka Islands in the Polesotechnic Strip, Jutta is as big as Britain. Right on the equator, it's mostly tropical highlands; Mt Beljagor reaches 3400 meters (11,200'). Highlands are cloud forest; lowlands are dense jungle. (Source: A Sun Invisible)
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