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by Chris Wayan, 2006

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Palisade Range, 45-52 N, 190-200 E
a low but steep range along the west coast of Roland, encircling the Gloria River. The Palisades are mostly 2500 or so (8000') but several northern peaks top 3 km (10,000') and Mount Haustein in the south reaches 3500 meters (11,600'). (Source: The Queen of Air and Darkness)
Cape Papillon, Papillon River, 22-30 N, 90 E
The southern tip of Troisleons, a peninsula 1800 km (1200 mi) long. The Gerd Range marches down the west coast; its east slopes are green, feeding the Papillon River at the range's base, but the western slopes are cut by short, steep, spectacular canyons. (Source: Three Hearts and Three Lions)
Lake Pario, 13 S, 78 E
An oval lake 200 km (125 mi) long, below Mt Legnor on the island of the same name. The Pario Valley is nearly the only lowland on Legnor. (Source: Three-Cornered Wheel)
Pechaniki R., 32 S, 1-8 E
A river 1500 km long (900 mi) in Starkad, in the Flandry group. Its low basin of subtropical rainforest covers about 1 million sq km (400,000 sq mi), the largest on Starkad. (Source: Ensign Flandry)
Per Mts, Lake Per, 18 S, 136 E
Highest mountains in eastern Ulash (Polesotechnic Strip) the Per range contains four volcanoes 3-4 km high (10,000-13,000'). Their wide grassy shoulders resemble the uplands of Hawaii's Big Island. At their feet on the south side lies round Lake Per, 80 km (50 mi) wide. (Source: The Master Key)
POLARIS, 61-66 N, 198-215 E
The largest landmass above 60 north, Polaris, in the Roland Group, is 2100 km long and 900 wide (1300 x 550 mi). High tundra and cold steppes surround Mt Cloudmoor; the lowlands are boggy boreal forest. The land's far above the Arctic Circle, but Lyr has warmer, wetter poles than Earth, so despite a couple of months of sunless winter, Polaris has living forests and steppes (not tundra--no permafrost at sea level). The only Terran equivalent is Antarctica--50 million years ago! (Source: The Queen of Air and Darkness)
Polaris Gulf, Polaris Rift, 61-64 N, 211 E
A deep fjord cutting 700 km (450 mi) into southeast Polaris in the Roland Group; beyond is the Alde Peninsula. Probably a rift valley merely widened by ice, as the rift cuts straight across Polaris to form a smaller bay on the north shore too. The shores have low boreal forest--quite Alaskan looking. (Source: The Queen of Air and Darkness)
POLESOTECHNIC STRIP and Polesotechnic Sea, 10 S, 60-150 E
A chain of terras and archipelagoes winding nearly halfway round Lyr--and that's 40,000 km/25,000 miles! From west to east: the Kraoka Islands, Larsum, Katandara, Ikrananka, Ulash, Wersgorix (where the chain turns north), and the Hisagazi Islands. None is bigger than Greenland, and nowhere are you more than 320 km (200 mi) from the sea; yet the total area is larger than Europe. The tropical sea within the great curve is the POLESOTECHNIC SEA, three-fourths the size of the Pacific. (Source: History of the Polesotechnic League)
PRASIYO GROUP, 54-60 S, 211-239 E
A trio of cool-temperate lands, Ya-Kela, Prasiyo and Valland, forming the southern half of the Ak'hai'i Cluster (south of Diomedes). Each of the three resembles New Zealand's south island, but bigger; together, the group's area is 900,000 sq km (350,000 sq mi), bigger than New Guinea. The climate's cool and dry for Lyr, with wide steppes and even near-deserts.
PRASIYO, 54-57 S, 218-227 E
A cool-temperate land in the Ak'hai'i Cluster (south of Diomedes). Prasiyo's an almond shape 1200 km long (750 mi), rather like New Zealand's south island (though twice as big), with few trees and wide grassy steppes. The low, marshy Urduga Basin takes up most of the east; the west end is lava plateau dominated by Mt Landomar. Prasiyo's south of Ak'hai'i and Hroai; it has a twin just to the west, Ya-Kela, across Eltokh Sound. (Source: World Without Stars)
Prospero, 26 S, 276-279 E
Prospero, southwest of Gaiila, looks like a water-flea 800 km long (500 mi), with a narrow northern spine 1-2 km high and plains to the south. The land is dry golden veldt, with trees only in the highlands and along the shallow streams. This grassland is large for (mostly wooded) Lyr, and the fauna's unusual: grazers too large to fly, and outsized predators to bring them down. It looks quite African. (Source: A Midsummer Tempest)
Mt P'thng'gung, 1 N, 142 E
Highest peak on Stulurax, north of Wersgorix (eastern Polesotechnic Strip). A highly dissected old volcano, P'thng'gung is a maze of steep, twisting ridges covered with cloud forest, rising to 2300 m (7600').
(Source: Quest)
Puck, 1 S, 289 E
One of the Summer Islands north of Gaiila, Puck's a low hilly land 800 km (500 mi) across, shaped like a rubber duck. But a green duck: Puck is lush rainforest. To the north are two even bigger islands, Titania and Oberon. (Source: A Midsummer Tempest)
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