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by Chris Wayan, 2006

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Uhoth, 9 S, 266 E
A rather lonely island 700 km south of Quetlan in the Gaiila Cluster. Uhoth is a low patch of mixed tropical forest and veldt, looking quite African. It's 240 km long, 120 wide (150 by 75 miles), with several small satellite islands. (Source: People of the Wind)
Uhunhu, 35 S, 310 E
A group in the Nyanza Islands (Flandry Cluster), south of Altla. East and West Uhunhu, at the group's ends, are by far the largest two islands, 150-200 km long. Fertile and temperate, rather like New Zealand: open "pine" forests and meadows. (Source: The Game of Glory)
Ujanka R., 34 S, 1-7 E
A great basin of temperate rainforest in southern Starkad, in the Flandry group. The Ujanka rises in the Radovik Hills, flowing 1400 km (850 mi) west to Golden Bay. Only low hills divide the Ujanka basin from the even larger and wetter Pechaniki Basin to the north. (Source: Ensign Flandry)
Ukong R., 39-42 S, 350 E
Largest river on Besar in the Flandry Cluster, the fan-shaped Ukong drains nearly a million sq km, from Mt Ketjil to Mt Luang. The basin is mild, rainy, and densely wooded; like the Carolinas or coastal China before deforestation. (Source: The Plague of Masters)
Mt Ulas, 23 N, 111 E
The shield volcano dominating Erkila in the Hisagazi Archipelago (NE end of the Polesotechnic Strip). Ulas has three cones 3000-3600 m (10-12,000') high, rising from a wide, grassy plateau up 2700 m high (9000'). It's in a high-pressure zone, so the uplands cast a rainshadow; Erkila's west coast has desert canyons, and much of the north and south shores are Mediterranean in feel, though the east coast is lush and the mountain's the source of the Odela, Nira and Val Rivers. (Source: The Longest Voyage)
ULASH, 15-25 S, 130-138 E
A tropical land in the Polesotechnic Strip, Ulash is 2200 km (1400 mi) long; all capes and no body like Sulawesi in Indonesia--just six times bigger. Essentially a series of overlapping shield volcanoes; a fused archipelago, still with large satellite islands like Lugal, Erziran and Bokzahan. Northern Ulash is dry, almost Mediterranean; the east and south coast are rainier. To the east, via the Shivaru Islands, is Wersgorix. To the west, via the Gujgengis, is Ikrananka. (Source: The Master Key)
Lake Ulash, 20 S, 133 E
Largest lake on Ulash, in the Polesotechnic Strip, Lake Ulash is a fat crescent 150 km (90 mi) long and half as wide. It lies between Mt Fereghur and Mt Ulash, close to the center of the island. (Source: The Master Key)
Mt Ulash, 20 S, 133 E
A volcano 3700 m high (12,100') in central Ulash, in the Polesotechnic Strip. At its foot lies Lake Ulash. Despite its name, Mt Ulash isn't the island's high point--Mt Yildivan, just to the west, tops 4100 m. (Source: The Master Key)
Ulovarna, 4 N, 141 E
The far north end of the Wersgorix Group (eastern Polesotechnic Strip), Ulovarna's an equatorial island 160 km wide (100 mi), and rainforested coast to coast. It's important as a link to the Hisagazi Archipelago to the northwest, whose nearest island, Vieng, lies 1300 km (800 mi) west of Ulovarna. (Source: The High Crusade)
Uloz Bay, Uloz Isthmus, 3-5 S, 143-146 E
A gulf 600 by 400 km (400 by 300 mi) on the east coast of Wersgorix (east end of the Polesotechnic Strip). It nearly severs huge Branithar Peninsula from the Wersgorixan mainland; only the Isthmus of Uloz links them on the west. The Isthmus is a swampy strip 600 km long, narrowing to 15 km (10 mi) at one point. (Source: The High Crusade)
Ulwen Is., Ulwen Escarpment, 12-22 N, 205-215 E
The Ulwen Mts of northeast Dawrnach (northern Diomedes) continue undersea for thousands of km northeast, forming islets and atolls with extraordinarily steep dropoffs, especially on the east side; it appears to be a tilted block like California's Sierra Nevada. Were the Ulwen Escarpment above water, it'd be the planet's greatest scenic wonder. A lesser but clearly related scarp forms the Driss Islands to the southeast. (Source: The Man Who Counts)
Ulwen Mts, Cape Ulwen, 10 N, 205 E
The east-west range forming the spine of northeast Dawrnach; the three snow-tipped peaks of Mt Ulwen are the highest points for 4000 km, rising steeply 4250 m (14,000') from the Achan Sea. (Source: The Man Who Counts)
Undassa, 48 S, 105 E
One of the Dahia Islands, far south of Larsum. Undassa is 190 km (120 mi) long. Undassa is all grassy hills with trees only in sheltered valleys, for it's on the edge of a drybelt. (Source: Season of Forgiveness)
Lake Uo, 45 S, 225 E
The largest lake on Hroai, Lake Uo is an oval 110 km long (70 mi). Most of southern Hroai drains into Lake Uo, then east 100 km to the sea. (Source: Strangers)
Mt Uolobu, 14 S, 201 E
Highest peak in southern T'kela (Diomedes region). Mt Uolobu is 3200 m (10,700') high; it's a very long ridge across prevailing winds in a drybelt, so it casts a substantial rainshadow on Shanga Bay and Cape Shanga to the west. (Source: Trader to the Stars)
Urd, 59 N, 28 E
Largest of the Three Norns, in the Shielding Islands north of Corona, in the Ythri Region. Urd's a hilly, windswept prairie 400 km across (250 mi), with trees only along the shallow rivers. (Source: The Broken Sword? No, not "Oh, My Goddess!")
Urduga R., 55-56 S, 220-225 E
Longest river on Prasiyo, in the Ak'hai'i Cluster (south of Diomedes). The Urduga has two branches: the western Urduga rises on Mt Landomar and rushes down to pool in Lake Silence, then flows east to meet the other branch, the Enver, a more placid, many-branched stream. While no branch of the river's over 400 km long, its basin is 800 km wide; it drains most of Prasiyo (badly: marshes surround the winding rivers). Away from the rivers, the basin's grassland with few trees. (Source: World Without Stars)
Mt Urnan, 7 N, 187 E
Mt Urnan , 4400 m high (14,300'), is the highest peak in the Delp Range (Holmenach, NW Diomedes region). It's the source for the Syranax River. Despite its height, Urnan only bears snow briefly, in orbital winter. (Source: The Man Who Counts)
Ursala Highlands, 15-17 S, 106-108 E
The central highlands of Ikrananka, blending to the south with the Sundhadarta Range. Ursala's in a fairly dry zone (the shore to the west is veldt and desert), but its peaks, around 2000 m (6600'), harvest rain; it's mostly open conifer forest. (Source: The Trouble Twisters)
Lake Urshi, 16 S, 96 E
Largest lake on Katandara, in the Polesotechnic Strip. It's a shallow oval 240 km across (140 mi). The lakeshore is patchy tropical forest; about as green as Katandara gets. The Urshi Basin drains the whole central plateau. (Source: The Trouble Twisters)
Mt Utara, Lake Utara, 35 S, 350 E
Dominating northern Besar in Flandry Cluster, Mt Utara is a shield volcano 3500 meters high with a cliff-walled caldera holding Lake Utara, 40 km across. A broad highland, cool but just as rainy as the coasts, stretches 300 km to Mt Djuanda. (Source: The Plague of Masters)
Utgard, 55 N, 32 E
An island in the Shielding Archipelago in the Ythri Region northeast of Corona. Utgard is low, a mere patch of cool, windy prairie 300 km wide (200 mi) set in the sea. On Earth, sea-girdled prairies don't exist--islands may be jungle, scrub, desert, boreal forest, tundra--but prairies are an inland phenomenon, for our temperate zone is rainy. On Lyr, a temperate dry belt at 54 degrees north (and south) creates coastal prairies and even cool deserts--and Utgard is in the heart of it. (Source: The Broken Sword)
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