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by Chris Wayan, 2006

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Wa, 33N, 298 E
An island 230 km (140 mi) across, in central Oronesia near Chaou and Vodan. Wa's a classic shield volcano rising from the ocean floor to 2500 m (8200'). The east coast is rainforest, thinning to a rather Mediterranean climate on the west, with a belt of "pine" on its shoulders around the crater. (Source: People of the Wind)
Waggoner, 16 S, 178 E
A tropical island in the Kyrie Archipelago southwest of Kilnu in the Diomedes Cluster. Waggoner is near the north end of the chain. It's a rough rectangle over 100 km long (65 mi) and half as wide; longitudinal ridges rise a km or so (3300'). The east side is rainy and covered with lebbird orchards; the west is drier, mostly cheetaur country. The climate's drier than Hawaii, almost Mediterranean. Its nearest neighbor is Eloise. (Source: The Martyr)
The Weathermothers, 28-30 N, 9-12 E
A range in the central Andromeda Mts on Corona, (Ythri Cluster), between Mt Farview and Mt Anrovil. The Weathermothers stay above 3 km (10,000') for some 700 km (450 mi), with peaks up to 4500 m (14,500'). Their structure (a maze of steep alpine ridges guarded by much taller volcanic cones every hundred km or so) resembles the Cascade Range on Earth. It's as wet, too, though warmer--only peaks over 3500 m are glaciated. (Source: People of the Wind)
Mt Wendru, 7 S, 194 E
Highest peak on the Hunlu Peninsula in Kilnu (Diomedes region). Mt Wendru is 3200 m high (10,700'). (Source: The Man Who Counts)
Mt Wenli, 59 S, 234 E
Highest peak on Valland, in the Ak'hai'i Cluster (south of Diomedes). Mt Wenli is 3300 m (10,900') high. Its only rival is Mt Smeth on the horizon to the west. (Source: World Without Stars)
Wersgor River and Lake Wersgor, 7-9 S, 145-146 E
Largest river on Wersgorix (east end of the Polesotechnic Strip), though its longest branch, rising on Mt Beljad, is only 500 km (310 mi) long. A broad fan of short streams like this, the Wersgor drains a low basin bigger than Britain; it's tropical forest much rainier than to the south. Lake Wersgor, an oval pool halfway up the main branch, is the largest on Wersgorix (100 km / 60 mi long). (Source: The High Crusade)
WERSGORIX CLUSTER, 5 N-15 S, 140-151 E
Three tropical lands at the east end of the Polesotechnic Strip: Wersgorix (six times the size of Britain), Tharixan, cooler, drier, (nearly one more Britain), and steamy Stulurax, smaller than Tharixan but with triple the biomass. A host of lesser islands surround the big three. (Source: The High Crusade)
WERSGORIX, 2-11 S, 142-149 E
A tropical land six times the size of Britain at the east end of the Polesotechnic Strip. A long north-south strip, with a big bite called Uloz Bay on the northeast coast. The Branithar Peninsula in the north is rainforest; the southeast is open woods; the southwest, savanna. Off Branithar to the north, along the Polesotechnic chain, lies Stulurax, and then the Hisagazi Archipelago; to the south lies Tharixan, and then much bigger Ulash. (Source: The High Crusade)
West Isle, 15 S, 171 E
The westernmost of the Kyrie Archipelago, a group southwest of Kilnu in the Diomedes Cluster. West is a leaf-shaped island with a Mediterranean climate, 60 km long but only 30 wide (35 by 20 mi), with a central volcanic peak rising to 1000 m (3300'). It's the end of an islet-chain reaching 1500 km west from the main chain of the Kyries. Thus, it anchors the only flyway between the Diomedes region and the equally large Polesotechnic Strip 4340 km (2880 mi) to the west--the longest and riskiest major flyway on Lyr.(Source: Kyrie)
WHARR, 33 N, 359 E
Southernmost of the Brendan Isles, west of Corona in the Ythri Cluster, Wharr is a rough crescent 1100 km long (700 mi). The climate's mild and wet; subtropical rainforest covers Wharr's low hills. (Source: People of the Wind)
Whell Is., 56-62 N, 358-13 E
Part of the northern Brendan Isles northwest of Corona in the Ythri Cluster. The lonely West Whell group is cool and rather dry, mostly tall-grass hills with few trees. Most are narrow and low, but Whell proper is 360 km long (220 mi); it's the only one with a sheltered harbor. The widely scattered East Whells are cold and drizzly, with low mossy trees.(Source: The Problem of Pain)
Wilwidh Sea, 30-35 S, 10-23 E
The northeastern Flandry Ocean, off Merseia, in the long curve of the Ivrich Peninsula. The Wilwidh blends into the Zletovar Sea to the northwest. The dh sounds like this. (Source: Ensign Flandry & seq.)
Witweet Range, Mt Witweet, 34-38 S, 230-235 E
The mountainous spine of Trillia (in the Ak'hai'i Group south of Diomedes). The Witweets average 2400 m high (8000'); highest peak, Mt Witweet, 3300 m (10,900'). Their alpine meadows are about the only open land on Trillia. (Source: A Little Knowledge)
Wola Is., 45S, 105 E
Northernmost and greenest of the Dahia Islands (far south of Larsum). Wola is a wedge 180 km (110 mi) long, half of which is two narrow, parallel capes at the east end, the Wola Ridges, sheltering the only decent harbor in the Dahias. There are several satellite islets the size of Kauai or Oahu, linking the Wolas to the greater group. They're all prairie, with trees only along rivers; the Dahias are in a drybelt, though Wola and its satellites are merely on the edge. (Source: Season of Forgiveness)
Wold, 45-48 N, 93-97 E
The Isle of Wold, off northern Troisleons, is a low green patch of land 1400 km long and 600 wide (900 x 400 mi). Twice as big as Britain, but warmer--winters are cold but not freezing on the coasts, though the mountains see some snow. It has a near-twin to the north: Grib. (Source: Three Hearts and Three Lions)
Wolund Mts, 49 N, 225-230 E
The east-west range dominating Carheddin, in the Roland Group. Twin-peaked Mt Wolund just tops 3000 m (10,000'), but most of the range is 2000 or less. The mountains are heavily forested--broadleaf on the south slope (tilted toward the sun, it's warmer than the latitude would suggest), conifers on the colder north, alpine meadows on summits and ridges. (Source: The Queen of Air and Darkness)
Wye R, 6-10 S, 285 E
The Wye drains much of western Gaiila, collecting the streams of the Valeria Range into the Wye Valley, parallel to the coast, 1000 km long, much like like California's Central Valley. Hot and fairly dry, with "oak" groves and savanna except for the green marshy meander of the Wye itself. (Source: A Midsummer Tempest)
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