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Mushroom-shaped Rock

Dreamed April 14, 2000 by Jenny Badger Sultan

My husband Hank and I are at a beach. As we walk along, we come to a space where there is a mushroom-shaped rock in the middle of a hot spring. People are climbing up onto the rock and then jumping off into the hot pool. It seems to be older European men mainly who are doing this.

I test the water from below and find that it is actually very hot. Probably the source of the spring is right near the base of the rock. You would have to move rather quickly away from the center ofter you jump in order not to get scalded. So it seems a little bit risky but it must be OK because so many people are doing it. I want to do it.

swimming and diving off a giant mushroom; dream painting by Jenny Badger Sultan
I begin climbing up the back side of the rock. I am clumsy and am having trouble getting up. There is a sign wedged among the rocks that are the way up. I somehow get stuck between the sign and the rocks and as I ascend I dislodge the sign. This is embarrassing. However I am determined to get up there so I can jump into the hot water.

I am really anticipating it. It just seems unusual and very wonderful.

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