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A Muslim Cheetah

Dreamed 2004/12/2 by Wayan


Family reunion. I talked mostly with my sisters.

ALTHEA is worried about her daughter, who lies to her and lives with rather shady, druggy characters.

MIRIEL went on & on about the Enneagram system with its nine psychological types or stages, telling me what type I was.

I didn't see much in it. Hid my skepticism--and boredom. A Muslim cheetah-girl in a headscarf and veil. Dream image by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


I'm a spy, and have been for years. I keep facing off against a team of two saboteurs--Muslim fundamentalists. One's a pseudo-intellectual guy, in it for ideological reasons I find pointless--just like a million other extremists. But the other...

She's a cheetah girl. Biped, digitigrade, short-furred, slender, graceful. Cheetah appetites (whether dietary or sexual) just aren't like human ones, and to me it seems crazy to follow a faith with a rigid code tailored for crazy monkeys, not cats at all! But she does. Wears a scarf. And nothing else.

I think she's a terrorist just for fun. Making us monkeys run and scream is even better than hunting.

She's a charmer, and uses it on me all the time. I do find her attractive--until I recall her values.

Today we've been fighting over an alien ambassador I'm supposed to protect--this short round woman (quite humanoid--can pass for Terran). I towed her through tourist crowds and city streets on a little wheeled cart. Now I'm trying to get her somewhere safe from the saboteurs, for the night.

At last, on a wooden deck high in Pacific Heights, I meet the two saboteurs and for once, I lose my temper and tell them off. They seem amused at my anger. My feelings toward the guy are unmixed dislike; but I'm troubled by the cat girl because (despite myself) I'm attracted.

I admit it, but then list the reasons I don't LIKE her: "Your violence, your dogma, and especially your constant lying."

She just laughs at the silly monkey. "What do you expect? You're not such a catch that I'd switch my faith, allegiance and whole lifestyle just to suit YOU."

Well... fair's fair. I'd never convert to her stupid, violent sect for HER. And yet... she did--for her teacher. A monkey like me.

Oh, despite her talk about cat independence she respects some monkeys. I just think she respects the wrong ones.

The one who calls himself her teacher, and that long-dead one who called himself a prophet.

NOTES IN THE MORNING A cheetah girl. Image by Sonique of VCL. Click to enlarge.

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