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Not Throes; Recovery!

Dreamed 2013/6/1 by Chris Wayan

Digital sketch of a dream by Wayan. I watch a small animal thrashing in a shallow grassy pit below a concrete column.

In a shallow, grassy pit, at the base of a concrete column, a small furry animal is thrashing. Death throes? No. Slow and deliberate.

And impossible! A spinal injury paralyzed it below the shoulders. It CAN'T move legs and tail. Yet it does. Some kind of muscle-stimulation by remote control, testing regrown nerves or implanted electrical replacements. Thighs contract, hipjoints bend. Slow calisthenics of larger and larger muscle groups in leg back and tail, rebuilding strength lost during the long paralysis.

But the animal doesn't know that. It's just experiencing inexplicable contortions. It'll have to learn from trial and error that its condition isn't worsening but improving--that it can probably walk again, with practice. Because doctors NEVER explain themselves to patients!



My sister Miriel calls. I start telling her this dream, but she interrupts me, laughing--"Whoa! Chris, just before bed I saw a whole show on neuroimplants to cure paralysis!" The spill-over from her bedtime thoughts suggests the dream refers to her concerns as much as mine.

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