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Omelet Beach

Dreamed 2007/1/15 by Chris Wayan

A beach. A small bipedal dinosaur rides a lightly built centauroid, also with a dinosaurian crest. Both look intelligent.

I find a stair up to an attic I never saw before. On the attic wall is a huge mural. I don't recall ever painting it, but it's clearly mine. It's a beach panorama on an alien world. Galloping along the wet sand is a family of centauroids, not beefy Greek types but gracile people with varied degrees of equinity and birdlike crests.

Riding them, hugging them, are other furry figures--no, scaly ones. Hard to be sure--it's all done in simple expressive lines-of-energy style, unconcerned with physical forms at all--I know the riders are bipedal with tails and some sort of crests too, but that's all, really.

Down the beach are more fast skittery tailed bipeds, scattering before the riders. They feel reptilian or dinosaurian.

Now I really see them move: animation! Or else I'm seeing reality from a different level. Just black lines for their spines and limbs, and the faint glowing haze of their major muscles and energy nodes. (Sound exotic? I suppose, but to me it's familiar--it's how my third eye, my ESP, sees people every day, as energy flows. And yeah, it's disorienting--when I have to talk to you normal people with two eyes.) An alien beach with salmon sky, white twisting clouds, green sea. Small violet bipedal dinosaurs and tan, lightly built centauroids with avian/dino crests. In foreground are black and gold eggs. A blue buglike being cooks an omelet. Click to enlarge.

Now some plants on a dune assemble into a strange leafy creature unlike the not-quite-taurs or their riders or the lizardy walkers. Bipedal too, but rather insectile. A slender mantis?

A second one forms, beefier at first glance--more beetle than mantis--but those topheavy muscles are still just cupped leaves. Slightly translucent--can see plant-stems on the dunes, faintly. Thicker than a Malay shadow puppet, but reminiscent.

The two plant-bugs, beetle and mantis, start a showy mock duel with nonexistent foils. Swashbuckling. The centaurs and riders pause to watch...

Oops! Now it's Egg Time! Gold and black eggs appear, boiling up from burrows in the dunes in wet clusters. The size of duck eggs but rounder. Monster eggs--a huge crop!

We all rush to harvest them. Gotta eat them or feed them to the local creatures fast, before the horrors hatch. They mature quickly, emerging in mere days--sometimes hours.
A blue buglike being cooks an omelet.

So the bugs pull out the fry pan and build a fire. Because... it's time for the BIG Omelet.


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