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A dirty lie by Chris Wayan, 2004

Huge bright-colored pills with happy faces nibble on a brown woman swimming in a deep blue dreamspace. Click to enlarge.


I dreamed my pills were taking me.

Since then, I've pretty much given up anything stronger than vitamins, even when I'm sick. I feel better not messing with my body so much. Rest and sleep and better food seem better than dreaming that I've become food...


OK. Now, the truth.

I'm so busy these days that my dreams aren't vivid and my recall's spotty... except now and then I'll get a dream suggesting I do something really odd, and those usually turn out to be warning dreams, not psychological ones. Maybe you think ALL dreams are psychological--by definition. Nope. The one about fixing your brakes before you crash and die, for example. No psychology in plain survival! These days, mine are mostly like that--sometimes things my unconscious picked up subliminally, sometimes things I couldn't possibly have known by any conventional means. Call them what you will--I unapologetically call them psychic.

So... did I dream my pills were taking me? Nope. It's the first flat-out lie of a painting I've done.

Why'd I do it? Because I've started ACTING exactly as if I had this dream. Over the last couple of years, quite without noticing, I gradually quit taking drugs of any kind--not even allergy medication. I can't say I miss Western medicine much. I feel good about it. Like I've graduated.

When I finally noticed how profoundly and stealthily my unconscious had changed my life, this phrase and this image burst into my mind simultaneously. Sort of... retrospective pseudo-dreaming?

Otherwise known as a dirty lie.

Still... I kinda wish several million (or is it billion by now?) other pill-popping people would have this dream...

So, I spread the meme.


Your pills are taking you. Nibble by nibble, bit by bit. But you, and they, can quit.

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