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Plum Crazy

Fall 1973; an early (undream) poem by Chris Wayan
Girl looking at a plum floating mid-air; pencil sketch by Wayan
Autumn. Plums swim the hazy air,
      Plum red purple, floating,
            Bobbing with breaths
                 Of easy air.

Inhale a plum, gents, savor that great smoky raisin. Or
      Kiss the gentle plum, my love, and waft it my way
            With your badminton racquet, like a fat
                 Maroon old (loving) soap bubble.

With the autumn flu so bad, it is not wise to kiss
      Plums promiscuous, without a cautious wash.
            But all of us are out (in longwarm coats)
                 Kissing them anyway. Our fall:

Plum crazy.

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