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The Plush Bear

A nightmare dreamed 1994/8/3 by Chris Wayan
for R.A Lafferty and his bear-god Snuffles

Class invaded! Big plush bear--
Rump and head with clashing brains.
Bear at least our art-prof says.
Pig we snicker. Pig to us.

Plush bear dances porkishly,
Mimes playing with Professor, til
Plush bear stretches--stretches--more--
Ten feet! A bear should stick to four.

That's one E - L - A - S - T - I - C   bear!
Her fur don't tear, her bones don't burst.
Two souls hide inside that toothy maw.
Let's look in there...      You first.


So my hide hides two squabbling spir
its. Or three. But why? And who are we?
I fear to crawl inside my jaw to see.
As I should fear. As I should fear.

Several souls animate a dancing bear-suit. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

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