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A sculpture of a dream of a sculpture (dreamed 2000/9/20). Low-fired ceramic, 16"x16"x5", by Chris Wayan

I dreamed I was pushing a shopping cart around Rainbow Grocery, the biggest food co-op in San Francisco.

Then a reef loomed, in the shopper sea. Traffic parted around a huge sculpture of a sleeping woman, rising out of the floor as if the cement slab were shallow water.

Face of the dreaming giant in Rainbow Co-op in my dream. Click to enlarge.
She was glazed in pale rainbow colors. Separate little islets of her emerged where an ankle or knee rose above the waterline.
Ceramic sculpture of a giant sleeping woman half embedded in a tiled supermarket floor; scene from a dream. Click to enlarge.
While I was gawking, a cat came up and sniffed her; then a teenager sat down casually on her hip, using her as a bench.
Giant statue of sleeping woman emerges from floor: real sculpture of a dream-sculpture.
I wouldn't do that. What if she wakes?
Aerial view of dream-sculpture 'the Rainbow Sleeper'. Click to enlarge.

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