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Reels of Light Propel the Moon

2000/11/17; ink & digital sketch of the ship of dreams, by Chris Wayan

The moon is indeed a sailing ship, as our ancestors suspected; but like all deepspace sailing vessels, it's propelled not by wind but light: the light of dreams, the movies of the night... from the dream-projector run by the helmsman (or in my case, helms-raven).

My anima, Silky, a small nightmare, is piloting at the bow. The crew of coyotes, owls, and seasick children huddle amidships.

the crescent moon as a sailboat crewed by dreams

And along the sides? Not craters and not Viking shields, but other movie reels, spare dreams, old dreams... as you reel through your night, leaving a wake of memories behind you to fade at sunrise. Unless of course you bother to write and draw them.

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