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Rosemary and Frances

A waking premonition by 'Rosemary', 1936/6/5, and reported to the Rhine Institute

In a town in Wisconsin, on June 5, 1936, a girl was on her way home from work. Responding to the radiance of the lovely day she varied her usual route, absorbed in the beauty of a special street on which the sun shimmered through the trees arched overhead. It took her past the home of Mrs. D. But just as she was passing, she recalls,

"Suddenly the sun became a dull disc in the sky shedding a gray pall over all. My body became leaden. I felt terrible. From her porch Mrs. D. called, 'Why, Rosemary, why look so sad on such a beautiful day?'

"I answered dazedly, 'I don't know. I don't know. Just a moment ago I was so happy.'

"This ashen feeling persisted all the evening. At home it was a gala celebration for the wedding anniversary of my parents. Besides that, a brother and sister and friends arrived from college to attend the alumni dance to be held in town that evening. Strangely, I, who loved to dance, refused several invitations to the dance and stayed at home.

"My sister, Frances, seventeen, was leaving for the dance looking like an angel. I cried out in panic, "Don't ride in that car, Frances. Ride in this one!' The latter was a new Buick which still had to be driven at thirty-five m.p.h.

"At two-thirty the following morning Frances was killed in the first car. The group had transferred because the Buick was too slow."


Note that Rosemary's ESP experience has two phases, both purposeful. She loves to dance, but her sudden gloom just happens to keep her at home the night of a fatal car crash. The mood, taken alone, could be anticipatory grief at the loss of her sister in the immutable future, or a way to keep Rosemary from going out--changing the future. Ambiguous, if this were all. But then she gets a more focused flash of panic and urges her sister to avoid a specific car. Rosemary's warning to Frances makes it clear she believes in a mutable future.

Since Rosemary's warning was spot-on, we should give equal authority to her sense it's worth trying to avert disasters foreseen, even with incomplete information. Rosemary saved herself; that alone proves time's not a fixed track. Frances died of peer pressure, skepticism and teenage impatience, not because it was written in some Book of Fate.

SOURCE: Hidden Channels of the Mind by Louisa E. Rhine, 1961, p. 72-73. Account untitled, author's name witheld; title & byline added only as search aids.

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