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Runaway Moons

Dreamed 2011/4/6 by Wayan

Huge new moons appear. Two
Europas, rust-orange to glacier-blue
Swathed in Titan-haze. Ice, air!
A terraformable pair.

They hug Earth; raise frightful tides.
Luna now swims warily afar. I plan to guide
her to shepherd the new

Couple to kiss and lovingly collide--
merging (I hope) without a System-wide
rock-and-lawsuit storm.

Rightly fused, this New Mars will become
a garden once the strata calm. I
may yet walk the seedling hills
of Eden ere I die.

Runaway Jovian moons roll down a San Francisco hill. Sketch of a dream by Wayan
But my orbits err! So rogue moons pour
onto the lanes of Franklin Street in San
Francisco, busy, steep. Motors roar
as drivers swerve hysterically away
from moon-stampede! Thunder down
cratered, bouncing, willful. They do obey
the one-way signs. So far.

Io, stupid cow, prods Big Sis to ricochet
up a mansioned street in Pacific Heights.
Oh, trample some millionaires, see if I care!
Three mad cows left. Leap, accelerate
downhill boisterous. Run two red lights!
Moo-mentum tumbles them toward the Bay
whitecapped under a fog-tongue gray.
Ding that midnight car!

If they bowl straight on like this, they'll roll
Through Fort Mason--the low grass knoll
may stop them--if not, it IS the least bad shore
in town to toss a boulder off. Half-wild.
Speeding now. Good luck, Highway Patrol!
Two units howl and gun, but quickly learn
moons are hard to tase.

Ganymede leads the charge across Lombard.
Tourists get to relive the Late Bombard!
Whew, the light's green. But Callisto bounds
up kanga fast. Will the signal hold?
As Io rumbles up, my heart-engine pounds
drum-guilt for my orbit-poking overbold.
I wake ashake. Oh, Jupiter pays
hubris back. Always.


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