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Dreamed 2018/4/7 by Wayan

An elf-girl shows me a skunkerpillar. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

A couple I know who are elves went on vacation, and I'm camping out in their living room--to protect it. You see, I learned that a gang of burglars (mostly elves, a few humans) have been conspiring not just to loot the places they hit but to hire a realtor and sell the homes fast, out from under the real owners!

I'm a friend of the couple, and had a key, so I came over to try to keep the gang out.

But the owners come home early, before the gang shows up. They're baffled to find me house-sitting in their living room. I explain about the gang...

Sigh! Elves really are sexy. I need to look for elf singles.

I do meet one. A friend of theirs, a charming elf-girl, shows me a flowerbed in her side yard that has weird caterpillars. In their larval forms, most eat leaves; but these two weirdos don't seem to eat anything at all yet. Just hatched? Or...?

One's a true caterpillar--even though it's a worm just 5 cm long, its very feline glide (and alertness) makes it obvious it'll metamorphose into a cat.

But another, the same size but with a different gait (stumpier, confident, even arrogant) and coloration (black with a white back-stripe) is clearly a skunkerpillar.

We don't poke that one--just in case the larval form already has that skunk... talent.


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