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Skunk? Swallow!

Dreamed 1981/5/7 by Chris Wayan

colored pencil drawing of frowning guy's head with the tip of a black hairy tail sticking out of his mouth. Click to enlarge.

Sunrise. I'm hiking in dry grassy hills. Barefoot, toughening my soles for summer.

Back out to the trailhead. By a van, two Spanish speakers carry a tiny horse's head and a couple of other animal heads. Are they throwing them out, or training hounds or falcons to hunt and kill?

I can't criticize: I have a dead skunk myself. I'm afraid they'll kill me if they see it (completely my assumption--they don't threaten me in any way), and I feel ashamed that I carry a skunk... So I want to hide it.

But there's no cover out here in the bare dry summer grass. I can only think of one way to hide it. Guess how.

My mouth stretches like a snake's, to force the whole corpse deep down my gullet, fur and claws and all. Just the tip of its fuzzy tail sticks out my lips. It tastes awful, not to mention giving me a very dry mouth.

I don't recommend this. I really don't recommend swallowing your skunk.


Skunk essence is used in rape repellant. So... was the dream maybe saying I swallow the belief that all males are violent? I sure swallowed this about these two guys by the van, without evidence! Afraid they'd attack me for no reason. Just because they're men--those smelly, awful creatures.

Like me.

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